Kicked to the Couch

I’m beginning to think maybe that I’m just not supposed to get more than four or five hours of sleep on the weekend.

Even when I go to bed at an acceptable time.

Fact: I do not allow the cell phone into the room during the week. I also don’t have a television in my room. Or a radio. Yes- that makes me one of those weirdos that believes in keeping minimal electronics in the bedroom. It’s my “rest” area and that’s all it’s used for. 

Only on the weekends is the cell phone allowed on the night stand. Yes, I get texts at all hours of the night on any typical Friday or Saturday. You’d think it would bother me. But it doesn’t. I’m glad my friends are cooler than I am- staying out way later and wondering where I am (thanks for making me feel special). Texts of the funniest thing of the night.  Sending me pics of their 3:00 AM fast food purchases (I play the “guess which drive-thru he’s going to” game with one of my guy friends).

Over the last few weeks, these texts haven’t woken me up. They’ve just been a reminder that I am yet to fall asleep once and it’s 3:00 in the morning.

At about 3:30, I said screw it and moved to my couch.

Slept like a baby. The couch didn’t judge me for my low key weekend. The couch understands me and my needs. Screw you, bed!

It was only four hours of uninterrupted sleep. But still. 7:30 is considered sleeping in around these parts.

The couch may quite possibly become my weekend bed.  Nothing wrong with that.

That has been the only unpleasant part of my weekend. Yesterday afternoon, Mon and I went to meet up with some of her fam to check out a winery in the western Chicago suburbs.

Yes, the weather was less than desirable. But I don’t require sunshine to drink wine.

Acquaviva Winery is located in Maple Park, Illinois, and according to the bartender who took care of our tasting, yesterday was the official one-year anniversary of their doors being open to the public.

When we started, she said the tasting would be of 6 wines (3 white, 3 red) and equal to about the same as one glass.

I promise you, it was more.The reds were very bold, but I ended up sticking with the more mellow whites to go with my meal. I will always be a chard girl at heart. Plus- when eating out, I tend to go towards seafood/fish/chicken. They just pair up much better.Whitefish with sautéed spinach and roasted potatoes. Mon and I both ordered this. It made us happy.Happy tummies. Even if we’re wearing long sleeves and sweaters. In the middle of May.

I’m still not over it. Stupid weather.

Steve and Angie, our partners in crime for the evening, also gave their food the “thumbs up”.After sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we made our way back to Angie and Steve’s for dessert (I’ll tell you about it later) and a little coffee to keep the food coma from taking over.

Their 5-year-old son had left his bucket of crayons out on the table. Angie tried to put it away, but I quickly stopped her.Their son came back downstairs and surveyed my work. The flower was nice, but I could still use a little work.

Five-year-olds don’t settle for anything but the best. Noted.

Now that I’ve gotten my four(ish) hours of sleep, I’m off to get a few things done. Starting with the gym. As soon as my iPod is finished charging. 

Gotta have my Florence and the Machine to get my run on.

Happy Sunday!

Four Hours

Four hours. That’s a lot of time when doing some things.

For example, I will probably never run four hours. Two hours for a half marathon is good enough for me.

I will never drive for four hours without a potty break. That’s a long span of time to be on the road without stopping. My bladder is too small for such things.

I will probably never clean for four hours straight. Classified as a “spot cleaner”, I am the girl who will focus on one or two things each night and use a span of days to actually “clean my apartment”.  So if you come to visit, please give me at least three days warning- thanks.

One thing to do for four hours that makes it seem like not a lot of time?

Sleep. Sleeping for four hours in one night is simply not right.

I need at least five. Six to display some intelligence. Six-and-a-half to not be hateful.

If you remember, I had a late night on Saturday night and didn’t realize until after I had gotten up how much rest I actually (didn’t) have.

But it was fine. Luckily I didn’t have a busy day planned or anything.

Oh wait…

First on the ticket was Jaime’s shower.

There was punch and alcohol offered. I stuck with water. I think all the guests should take this as a moment to publicly apologize to Jaime. We played the game “guess the size of her belly” and all overshot- by at least six inches. Um…. sorry…. :p

After games, cake (!), and presents, I left her house with a sugar buzz and confidence that I was up on the latest summer fashions for newborn girls. Ruffles on the butt are VERY “in” this year.

And the sugar buzz seemed to kick-start my “second wind”.  Or, if we’re being honest, it may have been a “first wind”.

It was time to meet up with a few more of my favorite suburb gals for dinner at Grande Jake’s in Buffalo Grove. Mon and I hadn’t done our regular Sundays of Mexican food in quite some time and I had a Groupon. So she, Annie, and I took some time and enjoyed my favorite part of the restaurant- chips and their large selection of salsa.The one in the right corner was my favorite (obviously). It was also one of the spiciest- tastebuds were lost. Typical.

Annie enjoyed a margarita and Mon enjoyed a Mexican beer. I enjoyed another water.

Besides, I was patiently waiting for this:Yeah- the cheese on my enchiladas verdes was intense. And I am a big fan of the melty deliciousness, but this time around, most of it was scraped to the side. By the end, the only thing left was the discarded cheese and tomato slice (I don’t like them- it’s a texture thing).

Randomly, I’ve had this food as carryout before with a friend who was in town last year. We had the burritos and I was semi-obsessed because that burrito lasted for three meals. THREE meals!

It really is delicious, but I think they do better work with the burritos. Either that, or I’m still remembering how amazing my enchiladas verdes were from Salsa 17. Still dreaming about those…

After we had taken up our table for probably way too long (it was super busy!), we headed back home where Annie and I decided to stroll the neighborhood for a while. Gotta help along the digestion process, right?

We walked a few miles and chatted. And since it was right as the sun was setting/had set, we even managed to snag some bug bites. Another sign spring is here?

Now if only the temps would get in line…

Turns out I can function a little better on four hours than I thought?

We won’t test that theory again anytime soon. Hopefully.

Weirdness in List Form

Being as how my thoughts are terribly scrambled as I rush around to get myself through the end of the work week, I figured I’d do well with a list today. Because then maybe you won’t notice that there isn’t one thing going on in my head that relates to the other.

1. First off, I feel the need to shout from the rooftops- I found a new place! No need to worry about me being homeless anymore! (Because I know you were freaking out.) I will no longer be living solo, but my new roommate is great. And our place is actually spacious enough to where we won’t kill each other. For at least 6 months. After that, well, there are no promises.

2. With the excitement of finding a place comes the sadness of leaving my current home. It hasn’t completely set in yet. We’re not talking about it now.

3. I missed Modern Family on Wednesday, but made it home for the new show Happy Endings. Has anyone seen it? It’s quickly moving to the top of my list.

4. Peanut butter sandwiches for dinner are one of the easiest things ever to eat in your car during rush hour. Balanced? Probably not. But I was quite content. For the last two nights I did it.

5. Along with that balanced peanut butter sandwich dinner, I’ve been enjoying cookies brought in by the office supply dude (aka Hottie McHotterson) who came by for a visit yesterday. It really is getting sad that the only thing we don’t know about his personal life is if he has a girlfriend or not. I know, I know… I should grow a pair and ask.

5. I’ve talked about my cereal obsession before, but I think we’ve hit another peak. Kashi is on sale at Target. Pair that with Kashi coupons from I will not run out for at least 6 months. Pair that with how much fiber is in Kashi? I will not be hungry for the next year.

6. Today I’m off on yet another road trip starting as soon as we close the office at noon. But instead of only a 4.5-hour drive to St. Louis, we’re looking at an 8-hour drive to the middle of the state. Good times.

7. My mom informed me their computer was broken and so access to the internet is not looking good.  My heart stopped a little. And I immediately made plans to pack my laptop. Feeling “disconnected” does not sit well with me. Sad but true.

8. Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve had in a while. Unlike last time the phase happened for no seemingly good reason, I think this time it’s mostly because of all the stress factors in my life: traveling, moving, budgeting, work, etc. The plan was to maybe get up and do The Shred this morning. Instead, I was walking to the gym at 4:45. Because what else was I going to do? 2 miles at 8:28 (seriously, how do I get faster when sleep deprived?) and 15 minutes on the stairs. Believe it or not, I felt much better when the workout was over. Let’s hope this little “cardio high” at least lasts until halfway through my drive. A little wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

9. Mon messaged me yesterday about seeing identical twins in suits walking together down the street. She suggested I take one for myself and she could have the other. And she really jumped the gun with the kid talk:

Mon: Do you realize if we married identicals, there is a chance our kids would look a lot alike? Wouldn’t that be totally outrageously WEIRD? (I should mention here that along with the idea that we marry twins, she’s quite the red head and I also have that recessive gene popping up in both sides of the fam. So yes, there’s a good chance I will give birth to a little carrot top. I’ve braced myself for this.)

Me: Yes, that is very true. But yours would still be way shorter than mine. Woomp woomp.

Mon: Yeah well at least they wouldn’t have freakishly long torsos.

Touche, Mon. Touche…

10. That’s all I’ve got. I’m just really OCD, so I felt the need to end with a nice round number like 10. So yeah. Happy Friday!

Blame It On The Rain

Gotta blame it on something…

Nothing like starting your day with getting Milli Vanilli lyrics stuck in your head… am I right?

That’s what I said yesterday when my boss asked if I ran yesterday morning (we often compare workouts and such- this isn’t weird by any means).

The alarm went off. I did not get up. And fell back asleep to the lull of steady rainfall…. ahhhhh…

Looks like someone switched up their rest day… ;)

It didn’t help that it was just so cold and gloomy. The whole day. 

I thought it was spring?

This seems to be the complaint of the week.  I’ll hush up about it now. And try to bring a little color into your life.Better? Just a little? Fine. Be that way.

It made me feel better…

Anyway, the idea for the pepper and onion combo came from when my dear friend Mon gave me some focaccia flatbread to try. She wasn’t too hot on the garlicy butter flavoring it had.  And since I’ll try almost anything once (*almost* anything), I accepted the challenge!

After sautéing the peppers and onions in olive oil and balsamic, I piled them as high as I could on the focaccia flatbread. And covered them with mozzerella.And snuck in some chicken sausage I had leftover from a few days ago. Why not?

My mistake here was forgetting to toast the focaccia a wee bit before piling the sandwich. Why do I always do that???

At least I broke out the big guns to warm it up and smash it together like a panini.In case you forgot or don’t know, this is what a George Foreman knockoff looks like. With a sandwich in it. Woot.Melty cheese. It’s a beautiful thing.

And that would be organic broccoli from the Trader Joe’s freezer section peeking out from behind my panini. Yes, organic. What happened to their regular frozen broccoli? This has been causing me stress for weeks.

Seriously. It has. I love that people make a point of eating organic. But until there is a little more spending cash in my wallet (ie a little less debt in student loans), I don’t make a big deal out of eating either way. We’ll reassess this viewpoint in maybe a few more years… mmmk?

Until then, I’ll just have to remember to put it on the list of things I get at my local grocery store. Whatev.

And before we leave, I feel there are a few notes on yesterday’s post:

- I’m such a nerd for not even thinking to call them “taco cupcakes”. But I like it. So go make some…

- I followed up with my friend on if he was feeling better yesterday during the day. He did (because I know you were concerned). He also asked, “did I mention the whopper I had like an hour or two before the wings?”.

Damn metabolism.

Happy Hump Day, everybody! Unlike the night before, last night didn’t include much sleep. There’s a little stress. No worries- it’s good stress. But stress nonetheless.

What else does one expect? No one said growing up was easy. ;)

Rolling My Eyes


Not to start off your Thursday with a post of complaints or anything…

But dude- sleep is not wanting to be my friend.  What did I do?  Was it something I said?  I swear I was joking when I said sleep was overrated

Please come back! I miss you!

I blame anxiety. (Insert sarcastic sigh and eye roll.)

Anyway… yesterday was pretty dull. Nothing overly crazy happened. Nothing of major excitement value. Ho hum…

Geez… is anyone even still reading this?

You are?  Hooray!  You get cake!Talk about a balanced meal.

This was that leftover cake from an office birthday I mentioned yesterday.  Every time I opened the refrigerator it stared me down. When I went to grab my lunch, I opened the door and the half-cake said, “let’s party”.

You don’t have to tell me twice.

Afterwards, I rolled my eyes and said to myself, “there goes my run”.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of sugar in my daily diet. I’ll own up to it. But I like to space it out like a responsible sugar addict. Buttercream does not allow for this.  This particular afternoon wasn’t so bad- no real sugar crash. Not surprised- with my lack of sleep, everything else is out of whack. *Eye roll*

The workout didn’t seem to suffer.  As soon as I got home, The Shred was thrown in the dvd player and started. Another round of Level 1. But I’m *this close* to attempting Level 2 with the 8-lb’ers mixed in. Nervousness.

After that, because it’s a strength training AND run day, I headed to the treadmill. A light 3-miler. Did a little chatting with some people in the gym as I was going. The girl next to me just started running less than a year ago (6ish months?) and has shaved closed to 2 MINUTES off her pace time. Isn’t that insane?

Anyway, I was able to average an 8:29 pace. Which is fine.  Although I’m completely aware I’ll have to push a little more on some of these shorter runs if I ever want to beat my pace from the Rock n’ Roll half marathon last year. Nothing new there. *Eye roll*

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or just the fact that it’s my early week at work, so I’m constantly feeling rushed.  Why is it that it always happens on one of the days that I’m rushing to get to work on time that when I start my car, the gas light pops on?

What would really be helpful is if it goes on, but then proceeds to start blinking once you’re less than 5 miles.  So it goes from “this is sort of important” to “HEY YOU- get some gas or I quit right now. I’m not playin’ around”.

Either way, I stopped off for a quick fill-up because I’ve played that game and was not in the mood to stand on the side of the highway calling for help if I lost.  Because, among other things, it’s flippin’ cold out there.

And of course, since I’m rushing, I totally spazz on which side my gas tank is on. 

Yes, I’ve owned my car for over three years.

Not only did I roll my eyes in this case, but everyone standing around their cars did, too. Stupid female drivers… 

*Oh and I’m aware I freaked a few people out with my discussing (and dismissing) a traffic accident the other night without much detail. Don’t worry- everyone’s fine.  I say this because it looked like it was just a fender bender. Throw that and a tow truck in the mix and you’ve got quite an issue in the express lanes (there are only 2 and the first exit out of them was still very far away at that point).

Important question of the day- Who’s going to replace Regis?!?!?

2:30 Wakeup Call

Let me lay this down for you.

Sunday Night’s Events…

2:30 (AM) – Wake up. See the time.  “Blah.” Roll over.

3:00 – Still awake?  What’s with that? Weird.

3:30 – Ok.  This is starting to get ridiculous.  I am fully awake and just laying here.  I feel like I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep.  How is this happening?

3:45- I cannot believe this. Today is going to suck.

3:46- Crap. Half marathon training starts tonight. Nothing like starting training out with a crap run…

(This is where things start to get a little twisted and my crazy starts to shine through.)

3:47- It’d be funny if I went now.  I’ve got nothing but time. Hahahahaha….

3:48- That run is gonna suck soooo bad. I’m going to feel awful. If I were just a little crazier, I’d go now. It’s not like there’s anything stopping me.

3:49- Am I really considering this? I’m just wasting time laying here. And I’d probably get a better run in now compared to after work. It needs to get done.  I can’t screw up my very first day of training (even if it is a distance I regularly run). That’d just be sad.

3:50- If I’m still awake in 20 minutes, I’m going.

4:15- I cannot believe I’m pushing in the code to the gym right now. Seriously? Well, at least I’m absolutely positive no one is on my treadmill…

Four miles. Day one of training. Check it off.

8:38 pace. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with that. And it was weirdly surprising how little I struggled. Because the thought did cross my mind- what if I’m tired enough to stumble and break myself on the treadmill?

Or maybe sleeping is just soooo overrated?

That is sarcasm.  Sleep is important. Go get some.

As you can imagine, I was pretty wrecked the entire day at work. But was well aware of my state of being, so patience  and calmness was overly practiced. You’re welcome, world.

A brightness in my day was lunch. Just like the last time she had a day off, Mon joined Jaime and I for lunch! Those two girls were craving breakfast and I was just craving food (living my life 4 hours earlier than usual resulted in me STARVING by noon). A little hole-in-the-wall diner was just what we needed.They got their breakfast. And I had this monstrous plate. Ordering anything “fish” at a diner is pretty risky unless you like it in fried stick form (which is a safe bet to be disgusting). My head wasn’t on straight when I did it. But this white fish? Maybe it’s the exhaustion/delusion talking, but it was really tasty!

I stayed away from the gigantic carrot slice (that is a carrot, right?). It just didn’t look right.

Can you believe they also gave me fries as another side? I took down the fish, but barely put a dent in anything else. Gotta love the diners- you do NOT leave hungry.

This was the first time Jaime and Mon ever met. Which is funny considering how much time I spend with the both of them. Good friends meeting other good friends is always so awkward. Will they get along? Do they approve of each other? I was all nervous like it was a first date…

Once I got home from work, it can be assumed I did nothing of importance. Other than self medicate.  With wine.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But I got the needed sleep.

So I’m officially done with day one of my St. Louis half marathon training. Only 11 weeks and 5 more days to go. Oh buddy…

When not able to fall asleep- are you one to roam around or just lay there?  Usually I just lay there because it’ll only be *maybe* 15 minutes and I’m asleep again.  But in Sunday night’s case, there’s an exception to every rule.

A Pull-Up?

Thanks so much for all the pasta ideas!  If you’re ever lacking ideas, check out some of comments

It’s safe to say I’m interested in all of them.  Especially ones with cheeeeese…

How is everyone doing? I’m quite energetic at the moment, but the week has taken a toll on me. Considering I thought yesterday was Thursday. Bleh. It’s been a long and frustrating week that seems to have left me wondering where my patience went.  Some may even go so far as to refer to me as “short-tempered”.  And distracted. I could see that one happening- I do tend to ramble when my thoughts are being pulled in various directions.

Maybe it’s the weather.  A girl thing. Exhaustion. All of the above?

Yesterday I mentioned an “energy surge” later in the evenings everyday this week. This keeps me up at night. I’ve been pretty energetic when I wake up (like now), but crash later in the morning at work. Which lasts all afternoon and the whole process repeats. Vicious cycle.

Either way, moving on to better things that don’t involve complaining- like Mexican food.

Because really, who doesn’t love Mexican food? It makes people happy. Especially me. So let’s DO THIS.Black bean burrito.  Not all of the filling fit.  Woops.  Trader Joe’s wraps are a little frustrating.  One isn’t quite big enough, but two would be way too  much so I just kept the extras as a side.  This was juuuuust right.Stuffed to the brim with black beans seasoned with taco seasoning, salsa, cheese, jalapenos and sour cream.  Fab.

I really really missed having wraps in my life.  One awesome thing about the Healthy Living Summit was that they were ridiculous about handing out coupons.  I have Arnold’s/Brownberry to thank for my not having to pay for bread since August.  Why buy wraps when I can have another form of carbs for free? It is a recession, after all.

But alas, New Years came and with that the expiration date of my coupons.  Sadness.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t half of a loaf of bread chillin’ in the freezer, though.  ;)

Chilling out on the running this week was something I am very serious about.  But I’m not giving it up completely- that’s just CRAZY talk.

After a solid day yesterday of  mostly weights, I was so ready this morning to jump back on the tread for anything but a walk. 

Hey stranger!  Long time, no run…

Sadly, the tv wasn’t working.  So there wasn’t a visual distraction.  Boo.  At least my ipod was up and running (not always the case being as how I’m horrible about charging it).

2 miles down with an 8:25 pace. It started out looking pretty bleak, but slowly I worked my way up to a solid pace of 8:00 by the end before jumping on the elliptical for 15 minutes. I even knocked it up a level higher than usual.  The reminder of half marathon in April… Hustle Up the Hancock in February… half marathon in April… Hustle Up the Hancock in February is in my head now.  I’ve got goals to accomplish. 

Here’s a question for ya today- who can do a pull-up? Christina tried one the other day and it got me thinking.  Can I do it?  Considering I haven’t made an attempt at one since at least high school, I really had no idea.

Mon was there and said I better not pull anything out of socket. Thanks for having some faith, Mon.

But she was right. I had a little “oomph” and a mini movement up, but really I just sort of hung there.

Oh well. Now I know.  The answer is “no”.

And that doesn’t bother me.

Let’s move on.  And make this Thursday go fast.

Which will require a caffeine refill… so excuse me…

Fork, Wine & Style… kinda like a G6

Good afternoon, everyone!  Oh man I’m late at posting this…

Sorry.  Sometimes I have to wait a little longer on some days for the brain activity to kick in.

This is one of those days.  You’ll see why.

Yesterday started out pretty early.  I wasn’t sure how far my long run would be, but I went 7 miles before calling it a day- all at about 8:45 pace.  The legs ache today, but some of that may have to do with the fact that I was running around in one pair of heels to another all day after that.  We shall wait and see.

After the run, I hustled to be ready in time to meet Mon for Fork, Cork & Style- a food and wine festival being held at the Arlington Park  Race Track.  The Groupon had gone through a couple weeks ago and Mon was on top of it.  Emeril was there at some point.  But I sadly did not hear him “BAM” his way through a meal- Mon and I hit up the wine tents as soon as we got there.There were 6 tents- each tent has about 6 or 7 different vendors.  Each vendor had 6 or 7 different wines to try.

Do the math. One of my favorites to taste was a red wine called Quintessa.  Part of it could have been the taste, but I was quite fascinated that it was $110 a bottle.  A case of that stuff could pay for a couple months rent… I don’t know if that excited or depressed me.

After we had our fill (and got tired of the crowd that was building), we decided it may be a good idea to eat a little somethin’ to keep ourselves in check.  With our Groupon ticket, we got not only admission to the wine tasting tents, but also 5 tickets for food. 

One of the favorites was the ribs from Fresh 1800 out of Schaumburg.I also really loved the beer cheese and pretzel bread.  And the Memphis-style BBQ.  But I don’t remember what vendor they came from… sorry.Ted Drewes frozen custard (from St. Louis) was also there.  I had to go get some as a shout out to my peeps in Missouri- holla’!  However, I was a bit disappointed.The ice cream was quite delicious.  But um… I got pretty much two spoonfuls of it.  Yes, I get the everything in moderation rule.  But there’s a difference in moderation and stingy, people.  Compare it to the pulled pork slider.  Both of those cost 1 ticket.  That’s not right.

Do you go to wine/food tastings?  I’ve never been to the huge one here- Taste of Chicago.  I’m not one for drinking and eating with the masses.  Seems like more of a hassle than anything.  But this one was a relatively decent size.  Will I go again next year?  Eh.  Maybe if Paula Deen is there.  :)

Anyways, it was a breezy afternoon, but not bad.  The wine also helped with keeping me from being cold.  Lovely.  After a few hours of lounging around at Arlington Park, I went home to get ready for outting #2.  I was going downtown to meet up with my friend Nicole- who I haven’t seen since July.  Which is crazy since she’s a good friend from Mizzou and lives so close.  So a little crowd of us went out and hit a bar in Wrigleyville for a bit.  That happened until my friend let me know of an interesting occurence that was about to go down.

Nicole and I made our way downtown because my friend had put us on the guest list at Enclave to see these kids perform:

You may not recognize them (I sure wouldn’t have), but that’s Far East Movement.  They stopped by Enclave and performed “Like a G6″ for the crowd.  We happened to be in a really good spot when they were about to come on.  Nothing beats front and center.

I’m normally a “rock” kind of girl, but “Like a G6″ has happened to be my daily theme song as of late being as how I can’t seem to get the damn song out of my head…

Jason Derulo was also supposed to show up at some point, but it was getting to be that time and we were a wee bit tired.  So we bailed.  Sorry JD- maybe next time.  We were both chatty the whole way home and Nicole may or may not have had the best idea of the night when she decided we should do this:I couldn’t even remember the last time I had late night pizza.  All she  had to do was mention it and I was already on the phone ordering.

You would not believe the damage two slender girls did to this thing. 

But I am quite sure you would believe that because of this pizza, I woke up feeling pretty decent.  Considering the late night and beverages consumed. 

Like I said- sometimes pizza is the best idea ever.  In more ways than one. 

Not to say I wasn’t tired.  I drove home  pretty early (even Sunday morning traffic on the interstate in the city is disgusting) and crashed for a few more hours in the comfort of my own bed.  Because, let’s face it- your own bed trumps a friend’s couch every single time.

And that, my friends, was my long Saturday.  Excuse me while I go lounge some more…

Bonnie Hunt Used to Babysit Me

Hello kids!  Welcome to Monday.  I’m having a hard time accepting my little vacation is over, but life must go on, right?

In all the excitement about discussing my trip to Washington DC, I didn’t get the time (or want to give you the longest post of all time) to discuss Saturday night’s festivities.  Like I mentioned earlier, I got home Saturday evening.  I hadn’t made any definite plans because I didn’t know what my energy level would be.  It wasn’t high, but I marched on.  And squeezed in a quick workout and then showered and was off to see a new favorite local band at Durty Nellie’s.  I went with my posse of lovely neighbors- Mon and Bailey. 

Yes- we’re considering ourselves groupies. We LOVE Rod Tuffcurls and The Benchpress.  There.  I said it.  But wouldn’t you love a crazy band that plays the most random of covers and parties it up like this:

Yep.  Sexy gym shorts.  And a sweet tan line.  Rarr….  But in all seriousness, they’re soooo good.  And the stage presence just heightens it all.  We rocked out all night to great hits such as The Distance (by Cake- anyone remember them?  They were a staple of my junior high days), 500 Miles, Semi-Charmed Life, and even All I Want For Christmas (The fact that it’s August is a non-issue).

None of us were really there to hunt out boys.  But they happened to find us.  My favorite was what poor Bailey endured- a creeper who wouldn’t leave her alone and used the fact that Bonnie Hunt used to babysit him as a pickup line.  Seriously.  And then, after using his claim to fame, we called him out on it by not knowing of the movie Beethoven.  How can he not remember???  Bailey said, “how can you not know that movie?!?!  You’re dead to me!” and walked away.  Good girl.  :)Cheers!

Because we were out until the wee morning hours and I had Text Fest 2010 until I fell asleep with the phone in my hand (maybe that means I lost?), I woke up not feeling overly rested.  Which led to a day inside.  Lounging.  I assume my body also wanted to counterbalance my days of walking all over Washington DC.  Seems fair.

I did make it to the gym eventually.  I got in a 2-mile run and 15 minutes on the elliptical.  Considering the long night I had the night before, I call this a success.  Even though I do recognize my need for a workout schedule.  I conformed.  And now that I’m just winging it, I’m feeling myself starting to struggle.  That means one goal for the week will be creating one for me that will get me through until my next official round of “training”.  Do you do better with a schedule or do you just do your own thing when it comes to working out?

After the workout, I finally managed to shower and get out into the real world to get some grocery shopping done.  When out, I knew I’d be picking up something to eat versus making something myself.  It was just that kind of a day.  My options were two extremes- salad bar at Whole Foods and mexican thanks to a Chipotle coupon I was yet to use.  I wanted them both- but figured it best to not be greedy.  The salad bar won me over in the end.  So I headed to Whole Foods with visions of all the wonderfulness that is Whole Foods. 

The salad bar was bare.  Maybe they always close it early on Sunday (not sure?) or they had it down for some other reason, but I was sad.  And pouted.  Because I spent all that time weighing my options.  For what?!?!  Nothing…

Off to Chipotle I went.At least I had a coupon.

I picked up a chicken burrito.  Warning- I’m not the biggest fan of Chipotle.  And this is the first time I’ve gone in probably four or five years.  But who am I to pass up free food?

It wasn’t bad.  The chicken wasn’t the best and it was my fault for not telling him to chill out on the rice, but I do give their guac a two thumbs up!

It was a great weekend all in all.  But I do have to say, I was sad to miss out on the bachelorette festivities of my lovely friend Ashlee.  :(  She had a girls weekend planned in Mid-MO that I missed out on because I had the family vacation going on and wouldn’t have been able to get back to where they are until super late Saturday night (Mid-MO is not very accessible unless you’re cool with jumping out of a plane as it makes it’s way across the state).  But she said it was a great time and I seriously cannot wait for her wedding that is only a month away!!!

Tonight I’ve got a special meet-up with a fellow blogger from Healthy in Chicago that I’m pretty excited about.  Yes, that means it’s one more day of not unpacking.  Pretty convenient if you ask me…  ;)

Have a good day!

Unexpected Wakeup Call

Good morning folks!

Check this out:Yeah.  I know.  Eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Blew your mind, didn’t I?  First time in a while that I haven’t made oatmeal for breakfast.  Do you always mix up breakfast, or is there a routine you stick with? I’m trying new things this week.  Just for kicks…

And I just really wanted to break into the avocado… before it went bad.  Where’s the avocado you ask?  As the eggs were already cooking, I discovered I let the avocado get a little too ripe.  I’m pretty sure it was starting to rot.  Ugh.  Oops.  So my grand idea for a southwestern scramble with black beans, avocado, and salsa became incomplete.  I threw in some cheese on top of the eggs and black beans in attempts to make up for the loss. 

“In attempts”.  It was good, just not what I had envisioned.  But I did also include coffee in today’s lineup.  It’s the Tim Horton’s that Leah sent me- and it’s so yum.  Just sayin’.

Another thing I didn’t envision?  And why I chose coffee over tea?  Waking up a sticky mess at 3:00 this morning.  When did I adjust the AC temp?  It’s hot!  What time is it?  Why can’t I see the clock?

My power went out last night.  Not sure when.  But I assume it had been a while because my apartment was well on it’s way to becoming a steam room.  Crap.


What the hell?


My fire alarm battery must be low?  And here’s how knowledgeable I am about such things- I always thought it was just battery-operated?  Apparently mine is also hooked up to the electricity as well?  Then I also started hearing one or two other fire alarms beeping in other apartments in my building.  Great… 

Imagine me completely disoriented, on my phone with the electric company, and standing on a chair trying to disable the fire alarm so I don’t go completely insane at 3:00 this morning all at once.  Funny, right?  Not at the time.  The electric company estimated a four-hour delay in getting it turned on.  What?  I texted my friend Mon who was randomly awake (or at least swore she was and said I didn’t wake her up) to see if I could shower and get ready at her place if necessary.  I started freaking out about what to do with all my food if it stayed off much longer.  How late for work will this make me?  What if it doesn’t go on at all?  I had worked myself up into such a tizzy I even considered getting up at 4:30 and getting my 4.5-mile run in since I wasn’t sleeping anyways. 

It kicked back on maybe a half hour later after I had gone back to bed.  I laughed about it this morning.  After the fact.  I woke up not really sure if it had happened until I saw the fire alarm sitting on the coffee table- the battery on the floor.

The only casualty of the night was my sleep intake.  Whatev.  I’ve dealt with that before.

I still mixed it up this morning by doing The Shred (Level 2) in the AM versus the PM.  It’s my later shift of work for the week, so to have a little more spare time in the evening, I’m hopefully going to start doing part of my workouts in the morning… see if it kickstarts my day.

Yesterday started stormy and rainy.  So I ran to the mall for some errands and also picked up my bridesmaid dress.  Then as I left the mall, I noticed the sun shining.  What?  It was supposed to rain all day.  That’s why I went to the mall in the first place.  And how much sun have I missed???  Has anyone else had the issue that the forecast has been wrong 6 out of days in the past few weeks?

It’s making planning a real issue.

I went home and ate my fantastic leftovers from my Friday night date with Annie.Still as good as that night.

I also felt the need to get out and enjoy the surprise nice weather.  So I did some trail walking.  And saw an alarming number of those shape-up shoes.  Does anyone else see them everywhere?  And do you think they work?  My mom has a pair, but hasn’t reported her thoughts on them.  Just a random question because I’m quite curious. 

Well enjoy your day.  I’m off to a somewhat “normal” week of work- which will be a nice change of pace in comparison to last week’s craziness.  See ya later!


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