100 Words Saturday: Pre Race

Oh hey there.

How are ya?

I’m well. Thanks for asking.

Carb-loaded last night.

Yes- Goose Island counts as part of the carb loading. And yes- I’m having a hard time letting go of summer.

Went to bed early. Slept in.

Fought crowds down at the Chicago Half Marathon Expo at Navy Pier to pick up my race stuff.

Three hours of my life and all I got was a t-shirt.

Lame. Not the shirt- the time it took.

But it had to be done. Because tomorrow is the big day!

Until then?

Family time with my cousins. Work (grrrr). Resting.

And ipod updates. Any and all new music suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Please and thank you.


100 Words: Comedy Show Edition

So about last night…

We ended up having our “few” drinks at a show named Bye Bye Liver.

An interactive drinking play.

This is the best idea ever. It was hilarious! Unless you’re hoping for a low key weekend.

Then, not so much.

Ah well. I still feel ok enough to hit up some Jillian strength training. And maybe even the gym.

I won’t be accepting invites to go out tonight, so don’t even try.

Leave me to my red box. And maybe a glass of wine.

Please and thank you.

Oh… and GO BULLS!

Had to throw that in…

100 Words: Christmas Eve Edition

Merry Christmas Eve from St. Louis, my friends!Yes, I am in St. Louis. Not Hawaii.

Bummer, right?

It’s ok. I’ll be driving to the ‘rents house soon. Last night was spent with the besties in St. Louis at “Aloha Christmas”- an annual party their friend does.

I fully supported the idea.

I will also be fully supporting Panera’s efforts to caffenaite America very very soon.

Because yesterday… whew. Long drive. Long party.

Tired Amy.

However, I just wanted to say I made it safely across the Illinois border into Missouri. I know you were concerned. Which I appreciate.

Laters! :)

100 Words- I Stayed In Edition

I stayed in last night.And watched my Red Birds win the World Series.

Red wine to celebrate a victorious cardinal nation. Hell yes.

I also stayed in to rest up for an 8-mile run today.

The pace was kept around 8:45 and I still had energy at the end of the last mile. This makes me feel oh so good about next week’s 15k! (Yes, I was nervous about it.)

Finally, I stayed in so I could be all rested up for tonight.

It IS Halloween weekend afterall…

Remember last year?Let’s see if we can top it… ;)

Happy Weekend!

100 Words- Lethargic Edition

Energy has been lacking for the last few days.

Not sure why. 

I’ve cancelled the last two days of workouts. And sat on my couch instead.

Or laid on my couch. Either/or.

Friends tried to get me out last night.

I politely said I had plans.

With a couple of Red Box movies. And a bottle of wine.A new wine. Because I was feeling mischievious…And leftovers. Because that was a lie. I was actually feeling quite boring.

Hopefully this lethargic feeling goes away. It’s driving me nuts.

Plus my friend will hate if I cancel our run… again. Ugh.

100 Words Saturday- That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling you forgot something?

It just pops into your head?

I did while running my 3.5 miles on the trail by my old place before cleaning and turning in the keys.

Did I unplug the coffee maker? The coffee maker without an automatic shut-off? While my roommate’s out of town?


Did I?


I still had to pick up my bridesmaid dress.

45 minutes of cleaning before picking up the dress- decided to finish the rest later. I’m not burning down my new house…

Rush home…

It’s unplugged.Some things never change.

(Sort of like my salad habit.)

100 Words Saturday: Rest Day Edition

Friday nights dancing with the girls are fun.Friday nights spent dancing to the tunes of these dudes with the girls are even better:By default, I’m making this a rest day. Dancing is exhausting.

At some point, I’ll be joining the land of the living again. Mostly to pick up a red box and return to my cave.

I have, however, been productive in getting productive for my move next month.

As in, I’ve weeded out my closet a little and have a bag of clothes waiting to be dragged to Goodwill.

Baby steps.

Happy weekend!

100 Words Saturday- Impulsive Edition

Stayed in last night and had a girl’s wine night with my friend Mon.Mommy bottle and baby bottle?

Also had the brilliant idea of making pizza at 9:30 when we were a couple of glasses in.

From scratch. Oh yes. Does this make me impulsive? No? Let’s pretend it does.

This morning I got my 7 miles in as according to the training plan. 8:49 pace for the whole thing. I didn’t want to push. I just wanted to run…

I guess now it’s time to clean up the huge mess I made in the kitchen in all my impulsive glory.

Happy Saturday!

100 Words Saturday- Anti-Social Edition

Happy Weekend! I hope your Saturday morning is going well!

I’m about to go climb some stairwells with Megan to prepare for Hustle Up the Hancock (oh yeah- remember that stair climb I’m gonna do? I almost forgot, too.).

Last night it snowed.

It was Mon and my justification for being anti-social. And watching a crappy movie.Knight and Day. We knew it wouldn’t be the greatest going into it. 

We were so right.

After a couple of vodka clubs, we didn’t even pay attention.

And gossiped instead. Sounds about right.

What’s the last bad movie you’ve seen?

100 Words Saturday- Baking Edition

This weekend is hopefully the weekend I finish up all my running around for Christmas (crossing fingers).

My corner of unwrapped gifts needs to be taken care of.

Christmas cards are *almost* finished being written.

And the baking… oh the baking….

Gentlemen… (and mostly ladies)… Start your engines…Did I mention I am single-handedly keeping the Target by my house open?

Have a good Saturday, everyone!  I’m off to visit the treadmill before all this goes down…


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