Mizzou Cookies

Today started just like every other Saturday I’ve had in the last month or two.

Get up a little before I naturally would. Coffee. Oatmeal. DVR.


Scratch that.

Work up some nerves.

THEN run.

No wait… let me download another song (Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes).

THEN run.

Obviously I’m a little weary. Meh.

Sugar and butter. What will it not make better? Seriously.

But all went well. To be on the safe side, I took two breaks to drink some water and assess the situation. But everything seemed well. And I ended up running 6.2 miles in total.

We’re approximately 2 miles behind according to my training plan. But whatever. Does anything really ever go to plan?

Moving on…

After that whole thing, my morning isn’t over. Oh no.

Searched out a candy botique to score the yellow-only M&M's. Yes. I'm a Mizzou nerd.

There’s champagne brunch to think about. Well. It’s champagne “whatever”. The game is at 3:00. People start to arrive at 2:00. Clearly this is past the brunch window.

But it’s a big rivalry game (Screw KU!). And things are still going down.

Plus it’s too late to start changing the name now, don’t you think?

Two things I have never put in standard chocolate chip cookies before. I was nervous. And read the recipe 5 times before actually doing it. Just in case I was seeing things...

And also, we’re still drinking the ‘pagne.

We can’t completely mess with tradition. ;)

The recipe called for refrigeration of the cookie dough overnight. Yeah. A whole bowl of cookie dough. Chillin'. In front of me. For a whole day. THIS was rough.

Along with our tradition is food. Lots and lots of food. My roomie B and I took care of the chicken artichoke dip, a massive amount of mac and cheese, some drinks, and these:

Cookies and Cups is a new blog obsession of mine and she writes in the post that these are Her Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies cookies of all time. Or at least up until that point. I haven’t contacted her to get an update, though. So they may be named incorrectly.

But she was right. They were pretty freakin’ good. And may even be the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve personally made up until this point.

Like WOAH.

The lemon juice made me scratch my head. The cinnamon made me a bit weary. The refrigerating overnight made me nutty.

But this was no lie. They were over the top. I had been sneaking cookie dough like there was no tomorrow, but my roommate was the first to try out the finished product. A little crispy on the outside. But soft and chewy on the inside.

Everything to look for in a cookie.

Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as hers. It’s possibly because I didn’t have shortening, which makes the cookie a bit lighter in texture, and had to substitute butter.

There hasn’t been a complaint yet. So let’s just keep that secret between me and you…

I found a way to combine baking and mizzou pride. Dangerous.

Seriously. Somebody needs to stop me.

But until then, excuse me, I need to go cheer my team on to victory.


Here We Go Again

Sometimes I just never learn.

I love wine. I love sweets. I love boys.

Can’t stop until I get enough.

And enough rarely ever comes.

Except with the wine. Over a bottle is just excessive. Truth.

The other two? Gimme gimme…

What? I can’t help it…

Bread is also a close runner-up to my list of loves. Remember that.

I’ll address one thing- and that’s the love of the sweet stuff. I often joke that it would be nice to have Paula Deen as a mother-in-law. Or at least a friendly neighbor. Pecans and butter in EVERYTHING! Weeeee!

A few months ago, I spotted her recipe for baked french toast casserole. Then I spotted it again. And again. I took it as a sign. This shiz has GOT to be made.So I asked my mom for the opportunity to bake this as a substitute for the cinnamon rolls this year for our Christmas brunch. And stopped by the store on the way out to the parent’s house to pick up half and half and bread.

My mom had the pecans and butter covered. Maybe she has a little Paula Deen obsession, too?The nice thing about this dish is that it is made the night before. So the morning of Christmas, there was no mess and more time to focus on other important things- like opening presents!

The not nice thing about this recipe?Um.

Well. Put a pan under the casserole dish. Because there’s a good chance the egg/milk/sugar mixture will bubble up. Up and over. And onto the bottom of the oven.

This will proceed to make the oven smoke. And smoke some more. And when you open the oven to check what’s going on, that smoke will billow out and terrify you that Christmas brunch will be ruined.I promise it won’t be ruined. And will still come out delicious.

However, you might just have to crack a window or two and turn on the kitchen fan. Just to make sure that pesky smoke detector doesn’t freak out on ya.A small price to pay.

Obviously, after a fabulous brunch dish such as this, along with that 2/3 of a pecan pie I consumed on my own, and whatever other christmas cookies/candy, I was ready to get back to my routine.

More specifically, the gym.

The Shred was done a few times at my parents’ house, but I wanted cardio back into my life. NEEDED, to be honest.

So as soon as I was back at home and semi-unpacked (or at least the car was unloaded), there was a trip to gym. Nothing crazy because the drive yesterday was exhausting, but 20 minutes on the stairmill and 25 on the elliptical.

It was logged in the running journal my dear friend Danielle gave me a few months ago for my birthday. Sure it’s not a run, but it counts. Don’t tell me otherwise. Because you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to break this out. I’m a total nerd like that and love me a good planner. :)

There’s a plan to log an actual run into the running journal today. An actual run. Wow. It’s been well over a week since that happened.

It should be hilariously exhausting.

Stay tuned…

Friend Festivities

This is it.

My last day at work for the week. And of 2011.

Let’s all take a minute and be super excited for me.

Ok. Thanks everyone. But that’s enough.

Let’s talk business.

The shopping is done. The bags are *almost* packed (let’s not kid ourselves, this is a 3-day process). The perishable food has been eaten. And the baking is done.

That last part was a struggle. But thankfully, Mon took some time to stop by and help me and Bailey with my balls.I made fun of Mon for being like a child during arts and crafts by kneeling on the chair. No less than 5 shorty jokes are made every time we hang out.

She takes it well. And at least I didn’t make balls jokes this year. Made enough last year, so you can refer to this post if you’re in the mood for such things on this fine Thursday morning.

This year my baking wasn’t nearly as extravagant. But after last year’s all-day ordeal, can  you blame me? This year was kept simple with two things. The cake balls (which were just white cake and buttercream dipped in chocolate/vanilla candy coating) and Lazy Man Cookies.

I received these cookies through Sweet Swap Round 2 from the Skinny Architect and could not stop talking about how good they were.

She actually made a variation on her first round and called them Lazy Woman Cookies. So what did I do? I made a weird combination of the two. So if the lazy man and the lazy woman got together and reproduced, this is what you’d get…

Lazy Baby Cookies? Lazy Offspring Cookies?

Uh… We’ll work on the name later…

Lazy Cookies (how about we just eliminate gender/age altogether? How very politically correct of me…)

2 cups crushed graham crackers
1 cup melted butter
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter chips
1/2 cup peanuts
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Mix together the melted butter and graham crackers.

Press into 9×13 pan. Layer rest of the ingredients on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.BAM. You have cookie bars. Sure, they’re not Christmas-y in the traditional sense. But they’re cookies and they’re baked the week of Christmas. We’re gonna call it what we want.

Or maybe just add some sprinkles. For dramatic effect. And drizzle chocolate on the top. If you’re feeling frisky.Clearly I was. Not unusual.

And if you add some Christmas cupcake liners, these lazy kids will be ready for a paaar-tay!We also exchanged gifts. Mon knows I need a sign for when I’m not feeling so frisky (hardly ever, but it is known to happen).I have issues with communication from time to time, so I will now wear this when things are going downhill. Boys take note.

Clearly, we all walked away with a pretty sweet stash:Yeah, I’m a Bears fan and I gave my roommate a Green Bay snuggie.

What can I say? I’m an awesome roommate…

My boo, Annie, came later on in the night to socialize and extend Holiday wishes to everyone as well. Very much a wonderful little Christmas celebration of friends. :)

Ok guys, I gotta go do this thing called “work” right now and try to get all my stuff taken care of before the Mizzou vs. Illinois game tonight! Being as how the Bears have pretty much lost me at this point and NBA hoops are just barely taking off, my focus is now on my #8 ranked Mizzou Tigers. Holla’!

Have a good one!

Portion Control

It’s something I think 95% of us have issues with from time to time.

And I salute the other 5% of you.

Because if something is that good, rarely do I ever want to stop.

You can never have too much of a good thing… right?Yeah you can.

Like on Saturday. Miller Lite is a good thing.

12 hours of bar hopping where it’s the sponsor of the pub crawl?

Not a good thing.

It’s safe to assume it was part of the reason I spent most of my Sunday being lazy and not moving from my couch.However, I did move a few times.

Not only to start up the crock pot, but also to grab one or two of these cookies from the mind of Cookies and Cups (Yes, I am introducing yet another baking blog and you’re going to like it).

Several trips to crab cookies, actually.

This chubby hubby cookie bar recipe has been on the top of my “to make” list since… I dunno… forever. So when it came time for the latest of the Blogger Sweet Swaps, I was already prepared.

Too prepared. I made a double batch. Just in case. Ya know?

But to answer the question in your head- yes, I always have a massive jar of pretzels around. $4. Target. BAM.

This was unneccessary. A recipe and a half would have been fine. Or even just a normal-sized recipe. I could have easily just had one or two and sent the rest on.

Nope. I said “let’s double this shiz”.Little did I realize this would require me to unwrap a bag and a half of Reese’s mini peanut butter cups. Next time I’ll think to get the regular-sized ones. Less work…

Oh crap. I just remembered I still have that other half of a bag in the pantry. Um…


Sure, my work friends were happy. As was my roommate.  Hopefully my Sweet Swap partner, Jessica, is, too.  The sweet/salty combo is fantastic. Adding pretzels or some sort of “crunch” should now be a standard for any baking venture I have. And the caramel- oh my geez.

It’s like a puddle of caramel, people. A big and amazing puddle.

If you’re scared of knives like I am, you can also bribe your roommate to cut the squares for you. Or at least still be in the same room in case you lose a limb in the process.These cookie bars are now in the top 5 favorites of things I’ve ever baked. It’s a bold statement, but is very true. Mostly because I’m a sucker for anything cookie-based. I’m a girl of simple taste when it comes to sweets. Boys take note.But my poor stomach. It couldn’t keep up with my sweet tooth. As much as it wanted to. Because these are hefty cookies, my friends (cut them small- trust me). And after the 10th or 12th one?


Portion control.

I need a better grasp on what this concept is.

I also need to realize there is no real reason to ever double a recipe of anything.

Lesson of the day…

Dessert For The Holidays

As mentioned yesterday, I spent Thanksgiving dinner with my friend and her family.

They’re wonderful. And because they’re wonderful, I feel the need to find a way to thank them for everything. Because they invited me to dinner, I offered to bring a little something to add to the table.Pecan Pie Bars…

In my opinion, pecan pie is one of the top three foods of the holiday. Right up there with povatica and stuffing.

The corn syrup and sugar combo and I have a fling from Thanksgiving to Christmas every year.

After that? I need my space. Sorry. I don’t seem to do well with long term relationships. It’s me, not you.Unless, of course, we’re talking about wine and chocolate. With them? I’m in it for the long haul. We’re very happy together.

Anyhoo. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah- pecan pie.

Normally, I’m a purist when it comes to pecan pie. But the only cookie/bar recipe to be found was one that included chocolate chips.It was frustrating. But then again… it IS chocolate. Who am I to complain?Thank you, Brown Eyed Baker. This one is a real winner.

A few tips, though:

1. Make the day before. That way, you can refrigerate the pan before cutting- makes for a way prettier end result.2. Take all but one or two to the party. Otherwise you’ll end up with dessert liners all up on your coffee table and have no clue as to what just happened in less than 15 minutes.3. Do counterbalance your pecan pie deliciousness with a little somethin’ somethin’ in attempts to look like a responsible grown adult:My choice was a chicken artichoke wrap with black olives and a little mozzarella. Veggies in general are a good way to battle the bulge of holiday spirit. Just make sure, if it’s a Friday and you have intentions of welcoming in a male visitor, that you pick ones that won’t make you feel bloated. And definitely don’t add onions. Even if they would have been delicious.

That’s what I would do anyway…

4. Also, if you intend to have a male visitor, maybe leave a couple lying around along with the cinnamon roll sugar cookies left over from earlier in the week. It makes you look all domesticated and all that.

I mean… that’s what I would do. If I were in that situation…

Happy Holidays…

Welcoming Fall

There’s something about Fall.

It’s one of my favorite seasons.

One of three to be exact.

Winter is the only one on my shit list. Hard to believe? No.

Anyway, there are a bunch of things to like about Fall.

Like college football. Even if my team does nothing but give me heart palpatations. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Mizzou.)

Breaking out the sweet knee high socks. Because I look really good in argyle. Yeaaaaahhhh buddy. ;)

All the boots…. oh the boots…

Snuggling under blankets (and eventually realizing the reason your room is so cold at night is because the window is still cracked open- hey duh).

Halloween candy- still on the hunt for those devilish looking candy corn M&M’s.

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Or basically just holidays that revolve around food…

And yes… the seasonal food that comes with it all.Pumpkin. Walnuts. And hey- let’s just throw some butterscotch and dark chocolate in there while we’re at it….

This round of the sweet swap had a fall theme to it and I chose to reference Culinary Concoctions by Peabody and her amazing Pumpkin Butterscotch Walnut muffins.

I’ve pretty much blog stalked Peabody since she posted her version of Chubby Hubby Cookies. I’ll openly admit that and hope she doesn’t send a restraining order any time soon because of it. I’m too addicted to sugar to stop…

Anyway, because I’m just awful at listening or following directions, swapping out half of the butterscotch chips for dark chocolate ones seemed like a good idea.Also, I had half a bag of the dark chocolate ones waiting to be used. This is way better than just mindlessly snacking on them like what may have been happening recently…They’re called “muffins”, but I know how much sugar is involved in making them. So what else is there to do than just say screw it and make them more like a cupcake?

Ice ice baby…Yeah. I like barely mediocre 90’s hip hop. Sue me.

Or don’t. I’d prefer it if you don’t.

Instead, just enjoy how pretty they turned out…

Ooohhhhh…. aaaaahhhhh….

Hopefully Leanne will enjoy these as much as my friends have. If she doesn’t, well, blame them for their crap food critiquing skills.

So as a few of the leftovers are inhaled (the ugly ones I couldn’t stand to send her way), I guess it’s time to admit I’m ok with the departure of summer and accept all things fall.

Until snowflakes start to come down.

Then things are just gonna get ugly around here.

You’ve been warned.

Round Two!

As craptastic as Tuesday was (yes, that’s a dog poo joke), it did eventually get better.

Or at least for a day in the middle of the week.

There are relatively low expectations for when it comes to what defines an awesome work day.

Like free lunch when my own was being held hostage all perfectly packed in my refrigerator at home.Yes. I took this from the catered spread we had for meetings in my office that didn’t include me.

A girl’s gotta eat. So it’s convenient I help organize the meetings. And make sure there’s extra food ordered. Just in case.

Even went back for another cookie. Whoops.

Hence the urge to get in some serious cardio at the gym.

Running wasn’t originally on the agenda. To be totally honest, I really only prefer to run every other day. It’s my sport of choice, but I’ll still get bored if it’s a daily habit. Initially, I posted up on the stairmill for 20 minutes and the elliptical for 17.  Both ideally placed by the front door. It’s easier to people watch that way. Good stuff.

However, I have a short attention span (see my choice to do the random “17” on the elliptical). And I can’t commit to a plan. So I ended up on the treadmill to squeeze in another mile before leaving.

Sigh. It’s an addiction.

In other news, fall is officially here, kids.

You know what that means, right?

Other than football and the excitement for what baseball teams will make the playoffs (come on Cards… you’re really killing me here!)…?

It’s time for our second Blogger Sweet Swap!

That’s right. Get excited. Because Jess and I are at it again. This time the theme is “Fall Follies”. Kinda like the theme of those corny junior high dances you used to go to. But with better food and less awkward slow dancing. Obviously.

And we want you to join! Dust off that can of pumpkin. Break out the maple syrup. Do what you’ve got to do to come up with the best ever fall-themed baked goods out there!

You know you want to.

So without further ado, here are the rules for your reading pleasure:


1. Each participant should send approximately a dozen of whatever treat they choose to make. (12 cookies, brownie pan to serve 12, etc). Of course, you are allowed to send more, but please keep the minimal to 12.

2. Pairs will be finalized and notified by October 6th and the delicious treats should be shipped by October 17th. We just ask that you be respectful of others and try to get them out before, or as close to that date as possible. :)

3. Tell Amy & Jess how much you love them for organizing this fantastic operation. (this one is optional…)

*Disclaimer- the organizers of this bake swap are merely responsible for matching the participants, and are not responsible for the items shipped.

So if you’re interested in joining in, email me  (secondcityrandomness@gmail.com) or Jessica (ssh.jessica@gmail.com)  before OCTOBER 4th so we can get you on the list to be partnered up!

If you participated in the first round or have contacted one of us since then, we’ll be emailing you to confirm your participation again, so no worries! However, if you haven’t yet, that’s when we’d like to hear from you!

And with that, I shall let you go on your way. Have a good one!

From What I Can Remember

From what I can remember (because sometimes my mom does have to call or email me to straighten out the story), my family was never big into desserts/food that included marshmallow.

This is one reason why I was devastated to have such a late introduction to all that is marshmallow fluff.

Not the point of my story.

Anyway… there always seemed to be a bag sitting around in the pantry. Lonely. Untouched. Often ignored/forgotten unless there was absolutely nothing else sweet that my brother or I could get our grubby little hands on.

We’d scale the counter and then the cabinets like little monkeys until we could blindly reach on some shelf (that in all reality was probably not that high) until we’d feel the squishy bag of glorified sugar. Victory.

It’s true. Marshmallows were really only sought out in times of desperation. Or for hot chocolate. Duh.

Because we rarely had rice krispie treats. I will say rarely because I don’t honestly remember eating them as a kid except for at classroom parties. Chocolate chip cookies and scotcheroos were more our thing.

So when I stalked browsed Picky Palate a little longer for a second dessert after picking out the cinnamon roll sugar cookies to make for my friend’s Packet Stuffing Party, I stumbled across Cookies n’ Cream Rice Krispie Treats and decided to give them a go.

Five ingredients? Seriously? They look fantastic and easy. Sign me up.

But when it came time to making them, I got stage fright. Frantically, I looked at my roommate and said, “I’ve never done this before, what’s supposed to happen when I put marshmallows in the microwave? How do I know it’s done???”

My roommate- and it should be stated that her baking consists of Break n’ Bake cookies from the grocery store- looked at me like I was crazy.

“You’ve never made rice krispie treats before?”



“Yes. I feel as if I’m going to screw up the easiest dessert known to mankind. What do I dooooo?!?!?!” (insert whiney voice here)

She talked me off the ledge and I read the directions again and gave it a shot. So easy a 6-year-old could do make them. Which is probably why they do. Shame…So I took my crumbled mess of oreos (ahem- Target generic knock-offs), rice krispies (ahem- Trader Joe’s generic brand), and the sticky butter/marshmallow stuff and mixed it all together.

After seperating it into two smaller pans, I stepped back and assessed the situation.Everything really is better with sprinkles.

Oh wait… no, that’s not right…

Everything really is better with sprinkles AND chocolate.Yes.

Yes it is.

No wonder I was never one to request the original rice krispie treat. There wasn’t enough chocolate. That must be it.

Well at least we know how to remedy THAT.Delicious. Light and airy, but still had plenty of crunchy sweetness to satisfy the kid in me.

And let’s face it- the kid IS the head of the household. Always.

Yes, I may  have gone a little overboard with all the goods to take to Annie’s party of five. But people at work enjoyed them. My roommate seems to like me more now. And even that one male friend of mine is getting a few to enjoy.

See? I’m nice to boys on occasion. And yes, I’d like to keep that fact hush-hush.

In other news, and to sort of sum up my baking efforts, it is no surprise that I was very much motivated to run 4 miles on Monday and 4.7 last night. My usual 3 just wasn’t gonna cut it.

It’s all about the balance, folks.

What’s a childhood treat you missed the bandwagon on?

Along with rice krispie treats, we also weren’t big on making s’mores. Seriously- it was the marshmallow thing…

Trickster Cookies

Tonight I’m helping with stuffing packets for the race my friend has spent the last 6 months of her life organizing. There’s going to be a little crowd of us, so Annie made the request for me to bring a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for people to snack on.

Sigh… well I GUESS if you really want me to bake…

Obviously it had to be something cute. Like these cinnamon roll sugar cookies…  Yeah. Aren’t they obnoxiously adorable? They appear to be teeny cinnamon buns.

But I’m still that baker who’s scared of using active yeast in a recipe. So until then, I’ll just “cookie-fy” or “cupcake-ify” anything.

These came from the mind of Picky Palate- as do quite a few of the things I’ve attempted. Never has she disappointed me. And I have high standards when it comes to sugar and butter. So that’s saying something.

Normally, I use my grandma’s recipe for sugar cookies. It’s an oldie but a goodie. However, this time around, I used the posted recipe. Just in case. And I think it worked out well- the cookies are less sweet than most sugar cookies I’ve tried. But because you add a little more sugar and butter through the filling and icing, it balances quite nicely.Did I say a little?

I meant a lot.

Paula Deen’s heart probably stopped for a second as this was happening.

The recipe calls for light brown sugar. I only had dark.*Shoulder shrug*

I was also a little more liberal with the cinnamon. Because I do what I want.

Oh and say hello to my piece-o-crap phone!

Heeeeey phone heeeey!  Ugh. It’s slow. It doesn’t accept all messages. And the roller ball thingie keeps popping out. Just die already!

Woah… random tangent…

Be careful to roll it tight so they won’t fall apart as you cut them….And admire my new nail polish color. That is chipping really badly. Whoops.Slice carefully. The cookies had a tendency to unroll if not handled carefully. I tried to smooth the ends of the cookies as much as possible so they wouldn’t separate mid-bake.

The entire apartment smelled like cinnamon rolls.But they’re not.

I’m such a trickster!The icing wasn’t the cream cheese recipe she posted with the cookie recipe. Because I didn’t have enough cream cheese on hand and was too cheap to buy more. So I went with a good ol’ fashioned mix of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk to taste.

The roommate gave the thumbs up. Which was good. I mean… I ate a couple. But at that point, I was sporting quite the sugar buzz and most likely would have had a hard time critiquing the final product.

If we’re being honest.

Fine, it was three.

Is it bad this was about a half hour before bed and had no issues falling asleep?

It’s probably time to cut back a little on the sugar consumption.

I’ll write it on my list of things to do. Right under “win the lotto”.

See? Progress!

Twice Baked

Hey kids!

So you really liked the shoes, huh?

I’ll let you in on a secret. They’re Rampage brand and I got them at TJ Maxx for $16.99. And yes, they were comfortable. Best deal ever.

Also, the sweet potato tortilla chips are from Trader Joe’s. I found them in the new items section. So uh…. I assume they’re relatively new. :)

As mentioned yesterday, the lovely Miss Mary came to stay with me over the weekend and we spent a lot of time out and about in this grand city of mine.

Yes, it’s mine. Like I own it.  What?

But given my history of baking for friends,  you don’t really think I’d let her come stay with me for a few days without actually making her something that requires more effort than the assembly of a sandwich, did you? Of course you didn’t.

As much as I love getting home a little bit earlier in the day than most, I consistently complain about how getting to work at 7:30 in the morning is ruining me.

Normally, this isn’t a pain or issue for anyone else. Just me.

But when my friend crashes at my place? I don’t think she’d appreciate me acting like a 5-year-old and jumping on the bed until she gets up to come out and play at 7:00 in the morning. She’s the girl who can take a sudafed and sleep over 12 hours straight (yes, I’ve witnessed it). She had been traveling/working all week. This time, I was gonna let her wakeup on her own.

So I tiptoed downstairs and tried to entertain myself. Checked emails. Watched tv quietly. And baked for breakfast.Obviously the coffee pot would be on in the background. This is MY house we’re talking about…

No need to make a huge production- she’s not the biggest breakfast person (I’m becoming painfully aware I’m in the minority on this one). But still- something nice to have on hand for quick eats.

So I went for oatmeal walnut muffins that I altered from this recipe.

Or, in other words, I used a whole cup of walnuts versus all the other things thrown in (I’ll throw out a huge “dislike” when it comes to raisins and dates, thanks).

And then it got a little crazy and I decided to throw in sprinkles.Why not? Who doesn’t love sprinkles?Preeettttyyyyy…

With cream cheese, this was a perfect way to start the day.And THEN, later in the day as we were making lunch (ahem- assembling more sandwiches), a package arrived at my door.Perfect timing.

For the Blogger Baking Swap, Rachel and I had been paired up!

As mentioned earlier, the theme was “favorites” and I sent her scotcheroos- something I make often as my “go-to” and is a favorite of mine since the days of sleepovers in junior high.

So you can imagine my surprise when she sent something similar- salted brown butter rice krispie treats!

Mary and I both wondered how much different it would be than the original rice krispie treat.I will never eat the regular kind again. Truth.

The flavor in these (check out the specks of burnt butter) makes the original seem so bland in comparison. They’re just sweet enough, but not overbearing.

And it’s easy to consume multiples without feeling bad about it. More truth coming at ya.

Because they came right before we left for our Wrigleyville shenanigans, I seriously contemplated taking a packet of them with me to the bars.

But then decided to keep them at home- no way I was letting the possibility of strangers consuming my rice krispie treats happen.


Don’t look at me like that. They were a gift…


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