Living in Transition

So you heard all about my annoyances with moving, but I’ve never really talked about how we’ve been living during the process. Here are a few things that have really helped keep Amy’s sanity levels in range make things easier:

1. Naturally, the night before we moved, the mister had a dodge ball tournament and I had book club. Yes, we’re nerds to the extreme, but that is not the point of my story. Although we probably should have been packing, book club meant I got a few hours to not think about my life in boxes and a meal away from home that didn’t require dirtying dishes!

And because our book club is so cutting-edge and culturally well-rounded, Riyanti hosted and taught us how to make our own sushi!

She makes it look so easy.

She makes it look so easy.

The ends looked a bit sad.... but whaddyado?

The ends looked a bit sad…. but whaddyado?

Mine was a little too full o’ rice, but sushi rollin’ is something I’ve always wanted to try and am pretty sure could be a total obsession.

I basically suck as a food contributer these days, because all my stuff is packed away, but I’m always good for a bottle or two of wine. Someone has to be that girl. That girl is ME.

2. Since we also had plans on the Sunday after moving, this left little time for meal prep for the week. Sargento assisted in saving my life this week: sargento thin slice cheese

For full disclosure, through my Influenster program, Sargento sent me complimentary coupons to try out their thin slice deli cheeses for teseting purposes. I’ve been holding on to them for a couple of weeks. Mostly because if I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to do with them, my boyfriend would have eaten them all. And we all know how Amy feels about such things:


My boyfriend actually made a comment about it on our third or fourth date. It’s that bad.

But at least I own it.

Anyway, I’ve found the thin slices really nice to have on hand. Especially since I had no time for meal prep this last weekend and so all my lunches have basically looked like this:

photo 2

Turkey and roast beef and thin slices. I used two for this sandwich. Which may or many not be defeating the point of “thin slice”, but I actually appreciate the option of having two if I need them, or just one if I am having a “skinny sandwich” day. My choice. :)

I’ve also just eaten them by the slice. They are great for pre- or post-workout.

3. My morning routine hasn’t changed much. Other than I’m not just tip-toeing around to not wake my significant other, I’m also trying to not wake two dogs. I usually fail.

Other than that, though, I’m still truckin’ along. Even threw in some speed work this week. For the fun of it. Seriously. I was walking to the treadmill and thought, “hmmm… speed work could be fun today.”

It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

And if you think THAT is bad, I even did free weights in front of the tv last night. A great workout, considering there was a dog in my face every time I attempted a plank.

4. Chocolate makes everything easier. And we still have some leftover from Easter. So please re-read #3 really quickly. Then understand- CANDY EARNED!

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4 Responses

  1. I’m a terrible food sharer, too! I think it’s because I grew up having to share with six other people. ;)

  2. That sushi was so dang good! I want to make (and eat) some more STAT!

  3. Glad to hear you’re still feeling good! We should plan a run date soon! :)

  4. You so fancy, making your own sushi! That’s something I definitely leave to the professionals.

    I’m still working through my stash of Easter candy. It’ll probably be gone before this weekend, which makes me very sad. I want more jelly beans and pretty pastel M&Ms!

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