The Moving Diaries

I freakin’ love moving.

That is a lie.

But yet, here it is… a necessity… just 8 months after I moved the last time. No, there’s no trouble in paradise. Quite the opposite- we’re renting out the mister’s condo as we prep ourselves for the amazing adventure of house hunting. So now we’re living in “transition”, as we like to call it.

There have already been a few “oopsies” involved.

Such as when we were transferring stuff to the storage facility. The one box marked “ALL GLASS- handle with extreme care like your life depends on it” took a tumble. A big one.


Luckily, my FAVORITE wine glasses, and the only other glassware from our kitchen, did not fit in that particular box. photo 1

Glass half full?

Get it????

Sorry. I’m extremely sleep deprived.

Anyway… the mister’s Mickey Mouse mug was not so lucky. RIP Mickey.

We also are aware the microwave took a fall in the trailer en route. We are unsure if this affected workability. Should be a fun surprise later on.

Also, we had issues with U-Haul. Again. They like to really mess with my reservation. A fun game we play. So much of a fun game that when I moved last fall, my trailer wasn’t even there to be picked up and my reservation was cancelled without me being informed! So fun! This time, they just changed my reservation so my pickup/drop-off location was an hour away. We came to a compromise with the same pick-up spot and a different (closer) drop-off. They lost that reservation, too. No biggie… totally cool…

U-Haul now has a note warning on my account. I’ve been labeled as “disgruntled and somewhat unhappy with service provided”. Fact. They also said maybe we should consider moving in the middle of the week because it’s less busy. I personally thought that’s why I made a reservation in the first place, but um, ok.

It’s so exciting to think that we’re going to purchase a place and do this ALL OVER AGAIN OMG!!!!!

I love growing up.

In other news, we are very lucky for the willingness of friends to help us during the moving process and the willingness of his parents to take us in as squatters for the time being. As one who immigrated to Chicago on my own and knowing only a few people at the time, it’s a wonderful feeling to have such a large support network. So blessed.

The glass is full, indeed.

This post got sentimental fast. Gross. Let’s keep moving along, shall we?

In half marathon news, since the boy did most of the heavy lifting with his friend, I was free of aches and pains Sunday morning and was able to knock out a solid 6-mile run. So now I’m only a mile or two behind in training. Talk about working under pressure, eh?

Happy Monday. I’ll leave you with this:

creepy tiger towel holder

The creepy towel holder my boyfriend picked up at a flea market at some point before I took over the apartment moved in. I was hoping he would forget about it. Nope. Caught it right before we finished cleaning. Apparently it will be joining us in any spot we reside. I suppose this is where that whole “love unconditionally” thing comes into play.

Le sigh.

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22 Responses

  1. I dunno, I personally enjoyed the tiger towel rack when I visited. I think it goes with your big cat pj pants.

  2. LOL @ that towel rack! I kind of dig goofy things that become traditions like that.

  3. Good luck with your move and house hunt! And hey, at least when it’s all done, you can sit down with a glass of wine and know that you won’t have to do it again for a long time. :)

  4. Ugh, moving suuuuuucks! I went through a few years when I had just moved to Chicago where I was moving every year, and like you, I didn’t really know anyone (although thankfully the first time I didn’t own much more than what I could fit in my Jetta). Good luck finding a place to buy together, that’s super exciting!!!

  5. Creepiest towel rack ever! But glad you got moved despite a few hiccups…and a long run?! You’re doing great!

  6. Maybe it’s time to pay for movers….might be worth the money not to have to deal with U-Haul!

    • I suggested it, then my boyfriend said there’s no way he would pay people to move heavy things for him. I told him then he can take care of dealing with UHaul (or let’s be serious- Budget or Ryder?) next time… so over it.

      On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 1:55 PM, Second City Randomness… wrote:


  7. Wait, were you struggling with the trailer on Saturday around noon? Because I was at Dengeo’s sitting by the window, and we saw a U-Haul, and the bf asked if those were condos and not apartments. It would be funny if that was you, haha.

    My dad has a pickup truck, so I am willing to help you (and not smash your wine glasses) when you find a place. I take payments in the form of pizza and beer :)

    • hahahahaa! This is great because that was definitely us. Or at least the bf and his friend- I got the fun lighter jobs like cleaning… weeee!

      Next time I may just take you up on that… I love pizza and beer and will take any excuse to get some…

      On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Second City Randomness… wrote:


  8. Cheers to a glass half full!!! ;)

  9. UGH, I hate moving. Though having a moving buddy to enjoy these fun adventures with makes it all worth it. Making memories my friend. I’m so happy for you! xoxo

  10. Ah, darn! I was hoping you were serious when you said you loved moving — I would’ve employed you later on this year as my mover when I get a new apartment!

  11. U-Haul. My nemesis. When I moved, there were no problems picking up the truck or dropping it off after-hours. The problem came a week later when they called me to ask when I was going to be dropping off the truck. Um, schwhat? I got a call an hour after a wonderful conversation with the manager and, oh yeah, they found the truck. In the parking lot. Right where they told me to leave it.

    • Of course they lost a freakin’ truck. Of COURSE they did.

      I actually just sent a lovely lil’ reminder to their customer service to see if they were going to respond to my email about what happened. I was more than happy to write it again, if they needed me to. They’re looking into the issue as we speak… lol

      On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 7:56 AM, Second City Randomness… wrote:


  12. That towel rack is the bomb dot com. A conversation piece, for sure!

    Hope the house-hunting is going well. It can be such a stressful process. The one thing that surprised me about it all? The flipping paperwork! SO MANY THINGS TO SIGN!

  13. So I had no idea that you started blogging again! I must have never added you to my reader because when I met you last year you didn’t blog at all lol!

    I’ve heard many similar complaints about Uhaul. Apparently reservations mean nothing. When I moved, I used Noff’s Self Storage in Arlington Heights! Pretty good rates and I had no problems with them!

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