The Comeback Kid

So I suppose I’m all better.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how it happened.

I iced. I rested. I got super bored for a full week.

There was also an appointment scheduled with my orthopedist for last Thursday.

But then? No pain whatsoever. I put the doctor’s appointment on hold and checked myself in to the elliptical, instead. Things felt great. Just like that.

Must have been an Easter miracle. Someone was clearly watching out for me on this one…. because I ate like a BOSS on Easter weekend.

How can I not? This was the candy to be distributed to 5 people:

photo 2

Not to mention that pecan pie is totally not in the correct season, but my mom makes it for me whenever I go home because I just love it that much. My next two weeks of running will be dedicated to my mother’s kitchen.

Thanks, mom.

So I took my running shoes out to my hometown and ran 3 miles one day, 2 the next, and so on. After the winter treadmill season and Chicago just being as flat as my chest, the rolling hills my little farm town is on really threw me for a loop.

Still ran an 8:30 pace, but there is some worry in the back of my mind. 3 miles isn’t quite the 7 miles written in on my half training calendar. So uh… yeah…

photo 1

We’ll get there. Slowly but surely. We always do.

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3 Responses

  1. Well I’m glad one of us is better. If you need me I’ll be dusting off my crutches… oh wait they haven’t even had time to collect dust.

  2. *coughs* it’s warm out. *coughs*

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling better! :)

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