Here I Am!

Well. I haven’t kept up regularly with my blog or yours.

I’m a terrible blog friend.

It’s all my fault, I know.  Not much time to chat when the week is full of deadlines and the weekends are full of house guests and visiting friends. My March and April were super stacked with fun plans and a long to-do list (did I mention we’re moving, again? no? maybe later…).

I’ve also got this going on:

You wish you were also wearing your big cat pj pants at 6:00 on a Friday night. YOU WISH.

You wish you were also wearing your big cat pj pants at 6:00 on a Friday night while watching some Colbert Report. YOU WISH.

What’s wrong, you ask?

I don’t know. It’s something to do with the knee. I’ve had many pains and aches and injuries in my day, but this one truly rattled me. I mean… it’s my KNEE. Only old people have bad knees. I’m not even 30. This cannot be a reoccurring issue. It must stop. LIKE RIGHT NOW.

My last run was last Tuesday. I’ve been pretty stagnant since then. With no wine to drown my sorrows because I gave up “happy hours” during the week for Lent.

Life is totally for realz super hard, guys.

We’re trying to not think about how screwed I’m starting to get with half marathon training, and instead being positive that I did a lunge this morning that didn’t end in pain and collapsing onto the floor in tears because I will have to start building up endurance ALL OVER AGAIN since my respiratory infection in February.

Let’s pretend I would never do something like that. Because I didn’t… on Sunday… or anything…

Things have gotten overly dramatic without the running and the weekday wine.

So until I’m confident I’m ready to go and test the waters with an early morning gym visit, I’ll just continue to sleep in later and avoid eye contact with the cupcake shops and bakeries as I pass them on my way to work each morning.

Oh, and it snowed yesterday. In April. This month could really use a big fat do-over. #DebbieDowner

The end.

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4 Responses

  1. Oh no! Where does it hurt in your knee? Keep resting it! And use that time to tell us about this move :)

  2. Apparently 28 is the age at which our bodies have decided to quit on us. If I have to go back on crutches… I’m going to hit someone with them.

  3. Sorry your knee is giving you so much trouble. I hope it heals soon!

  4. Oh man, how frustrating about your knee! Have you been to a sports doc to get anything checked out? I hope it gets better soon! If nothing else, at least today is the last weekday of Lent…

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