You Smell Like Cholesterol

It’s really weird how conversation topics have shifted over the years. I feel like it was just yesterday that power hour playlist selection was considered a serious conversation (if Chumbawamba isn’t involved, you’re doing it wrong).

Now we talk about buying houses. Health insurance. 401ks. Health problems.

Speaking of health problems, biometric screening results came back. And I am the picture of health. With high cholesterol. “Borderborderline high cholesterolline high”, but still.

HDL is in range. LDL is in range. Triglycerides are in range. Total is out of range.

Naturally I freaked out. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!!??! WHAT DO I DO?!??!

I have a high fiber diet. I prefer lean meats most days, fish on some, vegetarian on others. I use olive oil over butter. Skim milk instead of 2%. LOVE my vegetables. Low consumption of processed foods. Work out regularly.

So what the crap?

Is this what’s now going to happen every time I get blood work done? Do I have to reevaluate my diet and exercise routine each time? Blame my boyfriend for taking me out to dinner too often? Eat nothing but vegetables for a week?

Sigh. Being grown-up is stressful.

In this case, given it’s only slightly over normal range and all the separate components are still ok, my strategy is to stay the course. Perhaps eat a few less oreos and fries. I’ll see what happens until the next go ’round. Someone please correct me if this seems too passive. I’m all ears.

However, I could use some assistance in finding a way to get the boyfriend from sniffing me and proclaiming I smell like cholesterol.

Only one of us finds it funny.

In other news, I posted a 5.2-mile run over the weekend as part of the half marathon training effort. I was only scheduled for 5, but in an effort to be an overachiever, 6 was the real number to shoot for.

Don’t try such a task after what was essentially the makings of a grand slam for brunch (clearly I chose to ignore my cholesterol for this meal- my mom was in town and of COURSE we needed to go out for brunch). It will not work out well. My legs were on board. My mind was on board. My stomach was NOT.

Something to consider for next weekend. Which will hopefully not be a problem, since I’ve been all about brown rice, chicken and veggies this week.

brown rice and vegetables

You know… because of that cholesterol smell…

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14 Responses

  1. Hiiiiii! Just wanted to reassure you – your diet only accounts for 1/3 of your cholesterol levels. The rest is genetics and your body make up. So it’s not your fault, blame your parents! :-)

  2. Cholesterol levels can also be steered by genetics, so it might be worth looking into family history for an explanation. Your PCP can give some input on other options to help keep it lower (I’m not talking pharmaceuticals, just other things you may not already do). On top of all that, testing once a year is good but doesn’t give you a full picture, because chances are you levels fluctuate throughout each month. You may be under most of the time, but have occasional spikes so it may not be that bad at all. This is probably the most boring comment I’ve even posted to your page, haha. :)

  3. I still find it ridiculous that you have high cholesterol (I also still cannot say that word).

  4. You go girl! And on a related (unfortunate note): Why Runners Can’t Eat Everything They Want…I say go home Wall Street Journal, you’re drunk. :-)

  5. I was thinking the same thing as the first two commenters – genetics :( I hope you get it down, but you are really close to 200!!! :)

  6. Cut back on the cheese. That’s what happened to me 2 years ago.

  7. I’ve always told you exercise and eating well is bad for your health :)

  8. Dang. I guess if nothing else, it’s a good reminder that we can’t stick our heads in the sand in relation to our health and be all, “Tra la la! I run and eat whole grains, so all is well!” Off to go walk a lap around the office…

  9. A lot of my friends have experienced this as well. I echo what others are saying, genetics plays a huge role. I say keep trucking along with what you’re doing!

  10. The math on cholesterol always confused me. The bad cholesterol is supposed to be below 100, and the good over 40, but then the total is supposed to be below 200? So, theoretically, you can have too much good? Because if your bad is low enough and your good is really high, that would put your total over the range. So … eat fewer avocados and less olive oil??

    I’m also not a medical professional. So a better idea would be to bring this up with your doc during your next appointment. (I did, and I was in a similar boat, although my LDL was too high. Anywho, she wasn’t worried, since everything else was fine.)

  11. I know absolutely nothing about most things, but especially this. Now, I am just curious to find out even my own number!

    But yeah. I like Oreos too.

  12. Mine is borderline high too. Totally genetics. And thanks bringing up power hour mixes and Chumbawumba. Memories make a smile!

  13. Mine has been 215 since I was 17 and now lets just say I’m 50ish. I feel its genetics also. I have done everything possible year after year and its still 215. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, ate really well…so truthfully as long as you exercise and eat healthy 80% of the time (like how I put 80%) you have to have some fun in life right….you’ll be fine. :) They do have medicine (I think) but I’m not one to take it unless mine got was really high.

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