Relax and Reset

How is it that by the time Friday comes around, I am sooooo POOPED?

Fighting the daily urge to collapse face-down into a snow drift is, like, super hard, guysssss.

But we made it. And those snow piles are slowly starting to melt. Life will continue on!

And do you know what I planned for this crazy St. Patty’s weekend?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Other than taking my boyfriend’s niece out to lunch. But they didn’t serve green beer at the restaurant we went to. I checked.

It never hurts to ask.

I didn’t mind being lame, though. It was a welcome change. Because this was the one and only weekend I had that didn’t have people coming in or trips to visit other people. Rest. Recharge. Prepare myself for the weeks of crazy. I’m excited. And now I’m ready.

If you are ever in need of a weekend of recharge and reset, I suggest the following:

1. Redbox. And since my boyfriend went out, I got to pick ALL THE GIRLY THINGS to watch. I’m looking at you, new Rachel McAdams romantic comedy.
2. Wine. Because isn’t every work week a long one?
3. Sushi. Because I suppose if you’re going to go the untraditional St. Patty’s weekend route, you really have to go ALL OUT.

Lobster and asparagus rolls. I think I found my favorite order....

Lobster and avocado rolls. I think I found my favorite order….

4. Running. 5 miles to be exact. Not that it is something COMPLETELY out of the norm, but it’s the milestone run that marks the beginning of weekend long runs. Some lunges via Jillian also happened. I enjoy taking her 7-circuit “No More Trouble Zones” strength training dvd and breaking them into 2-3 circuit workouts to add on to my normal gym routine. Because I don’t have the attention span for much more than that. We’ve already discussed this, though. Anyway…
5. Reading. We’re reading “The Signature of All Things” for one of my book clubs. I’m not even able to attend this one, but I’m a big enough nerd to still keep up with the reading. And this one is a long one. IN IT TO WIN IT.
6. Wine.

Oh… did I mention that one already?

Well… you get my point.

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10 Responses

  1. Ooo, which Rachel McAdams movie? We watched About Time this week and I loved it. I am surprised to say it made me consider wanting to have children for a split second. (that has only happened 2x in my adult life!)

    I love the chill weekends between the crazy ones. We finally had ours this weekend and it made me so happy :)

  2. i am sad that we don’t live in the same city bc i would do 1-6 with you every single friday. that is my jam! the one thing i like about getting older is (ok not the # of my age) but the fact that i’m like “i don’t give a crap what anyone thinks of me staying in…again. wine + netflix + takeout. i mean…that is perfect to me hahah

  3. You are such a good book club member. I”m a deliquent. I’m on page 2 of the book. Whoops. And I love the idea of splitting up JM’s No More Trouble Zones– MUCH more manageable…that thing is looong! (And I’m legit toast by circuit 2 and she makes a comment “you should be fresh…” and I’m huffing & puffing.)

  4. I am usually exhausted by Wednesday! And Friday evenings almost always involve rest, wine, and a movie.

  5. Did you watch About Time?? I LOVED that movie! A friend and I went to see it this past November and I thought it was so cute in a non-traditional rom com way. Plus it made me cry, which doesn’t happen too often with movies.

  6. Like you I had sushi for dinner Saturday. Meatballs and pasta last night. White chicken chili for tonight. Wine instead of whiskey. So I’m definitely going all-out in not eating Irish this weekend…what do I have to prove?!? I’ve got the ancestry, that’s all that matters :)

  7. Wine and sushi and redbox sound perfect to me! I slept ALL day on the couch Sunday.

  8. Wine and sushi… yuuuum. I need a weekend of rest and not full of excessive binge drinking.

  9. We are on the same page with life girl! Besides book club, this sounds like my perfect night. :)

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