So how do you two know each other?

“Oh we’re friends from the internet.”

“Christian mingle.”
“Prison pen pals.”

Basically, whatever you want to believe in order to stop the questions from coming in.


Kelly and I started really getting into blogging at about the same time (4.5 years ago? has it been that long?) and as newbies in the world of healthy living blogs, and as just really awesome people, we clung to each other immediately. Comments on blogs turned to emails turned to facebook turned to sister wife connections turned to wedding dates turned to internet besties for life.

WordPress was essentially our Eharmony for finding a new friend.

Funny how that happens.

So anyway, Kelly booked this trip in January and we had grand plans to enjoy the lovely early March weekend with a long run along the lakefront. We both have races we’re training for. We both like being active. We both really wanted to counteract the deep dish madness to happen later in the evening.

It was 39 degrees and she felt a strain in her hip flexor.

I ended up just running a few miles in the morning and the rest of the cardio came from strolling up and down Michigan Avenue. Close enough.

We got thirsty and made our way to the lounge in the Hancock Building. It's a cheaper alternative to getting the view of the Chicago skyline than visiting Sears Tower (yes, I still call it that). Plus, you get a drink. Everyone wins.

We got thirsty and made our way to the lounge in the Hancock Building. It’s a cheaper alternative to getting the view of the Chicago skyline than visiting Sears Tower (yes, I still call it that). Plus, you get a drink. Everyone wins.

We figured the deep dish pizza was still ok.

Because cheese deliciousness deserves to be famous on instagram.

Because cheese deliciousness deserves to be famous on instagram.

Same goes for the pub crawl we participated in on Saturday.

Don’t think the irony isn’t lost on me that Kelly and I met through our healthy living blogs and we spent the weekend only eating fried food and cheese-filled things coupled with beer and wine and then more beer. We’re an odd breed.

Her visit was way too short, as most visits from good friends go. And as a lady with many of my super close gal pals living anywhere other than where I do, departures are terribly sad.


However, I suppose it makes planning the next trip so much more exciting. Which I shall do as I am making up for my “long run” of 4 miles (omg- half marathon training has officially started, just in such an underwhelming fashion) skipped on the treadmill at some point this week. I’m good at multi-tasking like that.

One piece of deep dish pizza = 21314807234 miles

Or something like that.

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17 Responses

  1. Ahhh the awkward “how did you meet?” question from non-internetty people.

    I think girls get asked it more than guys do. Or girls ask more often than guys do. I used to use “friend of a friend thing” as my default.

  2. It’s funny that people are still kind of weird about the idea of meeting people online! I met my husband online in 2007, and WHOA, was that weird then! What’s wrong with him that he’s resorted to online dating?! He’s probably a serial killer! But yeah, anymore, most of my local friends are people I met through blogging, and I have no problem admitting that. But making up other stories is fun too :)

  3. An internet friend came to visit from FL and we had to answer the same question. Why do people want to know how you know someone? Weird. ;) Glad you two had a blast!!!

  4. I recently met an internet friend of 14 YEARS in person for the first time. I met up with her and her friends at Beauty Bar, and of course, making casual conversation, everyone I met asked how I knew her. “Um … actually, we met through blogging … we’ve known each other for over a decade.” It sounded so creepy to explain it to non-bloggers.

  5. I was thinking about you the other day when we talked to the boys about where they wanted to go this year and the conversation led to possibly Chicago! I miss you! I’m so glad you had a great time with your friend! Good luck on the training!

  6. I miss your face already, and I think “prison pen pals” was one of my favorites. I’m coming back when it’s warm. You can count on it.

  7. If I’m not broke or busy, I’ll race you that half.

  8. Few will ever understand the internet sister-wifely bond. But I suppose that’s part of what makes it so spesh <3 Love your faces!

  9. Hahaha so this past weekend I actually was in D.C. to hang out with a blogger friend. We went out to brunch with my cousin and my cousin’s boyfriend, and when my cousin asked how we met, I didn’t even bother coming up with a good excuse like usual. I just said, “The Internet.” And then my cousin’s boyfriend was like, “That’s how we met, too!” Haha. Thus, WordPress and eHarmony are pretty much the same thing. Obviously.

  10. Ha ha – same comment as everyone else – it surprises me that people are weirded out that others meet their friends online! It seems so normal to me (of course).

    I am happy you guys had a fun time!!! :)

  11. I’ve read your blog for a while and I’ve read Kelly’s blog for a while, and it’s always kinda a mind trip when you guys meet up and you’re in the same photo/on the same blog haha.

  12. Haha- I love telling people how I meet other bloggers- it’s all awkward for some reason! BUt tons of people do (and even DATE) based on online relationships! Good luck on your half training too!

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