Lingering Halloween Celebrations

I hope everyone had a good Halloween!

After dressing up twice over the weekend, I had no motivation to come up with anything for the office yesterday.

Plus, as I said before, we had a pretty awesome costume-filled weekend. Which is still a relatively new concept for me. Halloween was on my mom’s shit list for a long time.

With both of my parents being notorious teachers in our high school, turns out we were a major target for the good ol’ “let’s to toilet paper a house!” prank.

However, to be fair, maybe we were also asking for it. Growing in our front yard was a 20-year-old tree (or something like that). It surely SCREAMED “decorate me with common household items! Throw food staples at me!”

I still don’t know how people got a trash can up in it one year when we were out of town.

Hats off to you crazy tricksters on that one.


I didn’t really need to celebrate the holiday yesterday in order to throw myself into massive sugar coma.

We had birthday celebrations to take care of around here.

And cupcakes are way better than candy corn. Don’t even try to argue.

Especially when I now know they can be made just two at a time. Mind blown.

Someone give me a reason to make another pair of cupcakes today. Please…

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18 Responses

  1. Is it bad that I’m kinda sad that no one ever TP’ed my house?

  2. Single-serve, or in this case double-serve, treats are amazing. I’ve been all about some single-serve mug muffins lately. (not a cupcake girl myself… don’t hate)

  3. Man, I used to LOVE TP’ing houses in high school – it was the best! I don’t think we ever TP’d a teacher’s house, though……I wasn’t cool enough for that. :)

  4. Tomorrow is Friday…surely that’s celebration for more cupcakes?

  5. That is some BLUE frosting my friend. I’ll give you a want to celebrate the 1st of November. Boom. Done. Do ittttttttttttt.

  6. I missed Halloween because I have the stomach flu. Does that merit some cupcakes when I’m feeling better?

  7. I’ve never been a part of a tee-peeing excursion. My childhood was far too vanilla.

  8. Hands down…cupcakes are way better than any candy in my book!

  9. OHHH thems fighting words! CANDY CORN REIGNS SUPREME:)

    But if you’re talking the top of a cupcake only versus candy corn, well I’ll hand it to you.

    Glad to see you’ve maximized the holiday!! Now let’s talk turkey:)

  10. Cupcakes are WAY better than candy corn. For sure.

  11. I was SO into TP-ing people’s houses when I was in high school. We also used to steal TP from restaurants…so scandalous.

  12. First of all, all I can see of you post title in the tab open on my browser is “Lingeri…” I’ll let you guess what I was thinking. Second of all, candy corn loses to pretty much any sweet treat. Third, I don’t know whether to love or hate you for introducing me to the two-cupcake thing.

  13. I used to LOVE tp’ing houses in high school. One year, we “forked” the lawn of my honors english teacher – SO.MUCH.FUN.

  14. HAHA that is so funny about your parents’ house getting TP-ed. My mom was a HS teacher but she taught in a different town or else our house would’ve been TPed every week! haha

  15. Wow, a trash can? That is mighty impressive!

  16. My childhood was very “vanilla” as well. Nothing fun. No pranks. Nothing too interesting. No blue cupcakes either! Looks amazing. A sugar coma is right.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

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