Cheap Eats and Necessary Drinks

Well this happened:And no, that’s not a fruity cocktail- it’s actually Goose Island 312. Bar lighting is so silly sometimes.

It and the refill that followed calmed me down from yesterday’s “blahs”. Imagine that.

*As did your comments about how we all have those “crap” days. Thank you.

After our little location mixup on Tuesday (Tuesday! I should have known!), I suggested Houndstooth in Wrigleyville as a place to meet up. It’s a smaller area. There’s only one Wrigley Field. So uh… we shouldn’t have a problem.  ;)

Stephanie and I had ourselves a nice little chatty chat over beers and $1 tacos.

With $1 tacos, you don’t expect much…. and these were nothing overly grand to write home about. But hey… they were decently light, the chicken was good, they came with free guac, and were $1 each. The price alone makes me enjoy them greatly.

This was the first time Stephanie and I have ever met and again, like every other time I’ve met girls from the blogs, the conversation flowed naturally and we swapped stories until I had to be lame and duck out because of a never-ending to-do list waiting for me at home.She also confirmed that I need to act on my desire to get myself to Boston. ASAP.

Le sigh…

The other thing that helped me out, as I knew it would, was my run with my guy friend over lunch. Usually we keep it at a pace where we can talk (although between jagged breath) for the entire 2.5 miles. But as I was ranting about one thing or another, I noticed how out of breath I was- chalking it up to me not running much with him as of late and my pace getting slower.

However, he texted me afterwards and commented on how much faster we ran this time than last.

Whew. It wasn’t just me then…

Like I said earlier, I’m in a much better mood today. My weekend starts tomorrow and everything is starting to fall in place a little more as we go along.

Have a good one, kids! I’ve got about 8 hours standing between me and a mad dash home where I have 15 minutes to get myself looking respectable before a night out in the presence of a male acquaintance.

Let’s all laugh about how me looking respectable is just not in the cards.

He’ll have to deal with it.

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24 Responses

  1. Yay—so happy you all found each other! Wow, that doesnt sound awkward at all eh?

    Nothing wrong with $1 tacos or for that matter, anything with free guac.

  2. Free guac? Where do I sign up for that?!?!

  3. It was so great to finally meet you :)

    For $1, I thought those tacos were fantastic. $18 for our dinner and 4 drinks, that is UNHEARD of in Boston! So when you come, make sure you bring serious bank with you if you expect to eat and drink ;)

    Good luck tonight!

  4. Cheap food ALWAYS tastes better. Glad you guys had a good time, and that the mood has brightened. Steph is awesome!

  5. I want $1 tacos!
    Glad you had a good time, its always fun meeting bloggers. They’re always so awesome.

  6. Gettin all gussied up is one of the best parts of dating. Have fun! ;)

  7. Goose Island 312 is so good! And those $1 tacos look pretty respectable. Good chicken and free guac? Oh man. SOLD!

    I hope you have an amazing time tonight – can’t wait to hear about it ;)

    P.S. You meet more bloggers than anyone I know! Annnnnnnnnd…we should get together the next time I’m in the city ;) Which is the weekend of 9/23 by the way… :)

  8. Hey, it’s looking respectable tomorrow morning when you’re eating cereal in his roommate’s Van Halen t-shirt that you want to be concerned about…

  9. Wooo! Good times ahead my friend, you’ll be done with this day and onto the weekend before you even know it!

  10. look at you two sexy bitches hangin out and eatin tacos.
    that sounds…

    So uh have fun on your date…

  11. I love when people I love get to meet each other, haha. I’m sure you guys had a blast. I can’t wait to hear about your dateeeee,

  12. Have fun on your date — whip out your camera at the meal and freak him out a bit ;)

  13. Oh, whatever, you always look more than presentable, you dirty ho! ;) Glad your meet up was smoother last night than Tuesday. PS, why does it look like there’s a straw in your 312?

  14. Have fun on your hot date tonight ;) Speaking of $1 foods….Pockets has $1 pockets from 11-4 on Saturday.

  15. um yes you must come visit boston and then call me up so we can partay :)

  16. That’s one of the things I love most about this town — on any given night, there’s a handful of awesome food deals.

    Have fun on your date! I hope you tell us about it. :)

  17. I am dying to have a blogger meet up! They’re always so much fun, and it’s true = beer cures all.

    Goodluck with your rendezvous with this mystery male acquaintance ;) Can’t wait to read all about it! So jealous that your weekend starts after today, I have one more grueling day of workkkk THEN the weekend :)

  18. I hope tonight goes amazingly well! And I’m glad you’re over the blahs.

  19. Yay for blogger meetups! I am hoping to get back to Chicago sometime since I never got to Wrigleyville when the bf lived there for four years (and by there I mean North Aurora, which is not as cool as Chi-town). $1 tacos and beer sounds like my kind of night! Love your dress!

  20. Yes! Come to Boston! Steph’s right though, bring your entire savings account with you. Shit is ridic!

    Have fun on your date !!!

  21. $1 tacos?! Sign me up! At first glance, that looked like Chipotle, which I have been CRAVING lately. It’s been way too long since I’ve had Mexican food!

  22. I wish I was your running buddy! ;)

  23. Sounds like a great meet up! You can’t go wrong with $1 tacos, well I guess you could, but luckily they did the trick for you! I hope the date went well!

  24. [...] regards to my last post, yes, you all are right- Stephanie is awesome. I have high hopes to head to Boston sooner than later to kick her butt in some Mario [...]

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