Randomness (Small Indulgence Edition)

Sometimes you just need to indulge. Or all the time. Either/or.

I prefer to discuss it in a list of bullet points (i.e. it’s the weekend and my attention span is low).

  • Indulgence purchase of the week? My new pillow. I call it a late birthday present to myself. It’s quilted. It’s down (ahem- down alternative). It was $10 (WOAH, big spender…). It’s all about the cheap thrills, my friends. And no, I will not share it. MINE.
  • It was another long week in the world of Amy and her friends. We had a girls night planned, but because of a series of unfortunate events, it came down to just me and Mon. She was also having a rough week (what is the deal???), and a dinner in with wine on a nice Friday evening wasn’t going to cut it.Sometimes bar food is what the doctor ordered. Especially when I’ve been loading up on the garden vegetables all week (seriously- who needs sweet corn? I think it’s repopulating in our refrigerator…).And you’re crazy if you think we had bar food without beer. Come ON, people!
  • I’ve also been indulging in some serious “me time” on the lakefront. My coworker and I had plans to run together. But on a day where I’m getting out 30 minutes early and he’s staying an hour late? Yeah… I’m gonna go ahead and call it- I’m running solo as soon as I get home. So I did. Selfish? Maybe a little. But he didn’t mind. I didn’t get the 6 miles in that we had planned, but 5.1 was still a decent solo attempt.
  • Because I have no intention of wasting away inside an office for the lingering days of summer, I randomly asked for next Friday off. There may or may not be other reasons this particular day was chosen (oooohhhhh I’m giggling like a school girl), and I could not be more excited just to have a lazy day off.
  • Sleeping in was NOT an indulgence I participated in this morning (sadness- work is ruining me), but to make up for it, I used this post as an inspiration for the dessert french toast that happened for breakfast.

You may think, “geez Amy, candy for breakfast? Talk about no self control….”

I say, “yeah, this was the last of the bag of reese’s from my baking efforts a couple of weeks ago. And this may be the longest span of time a bag of candy has lasted in my household. Truth.”

We’re just gonna go ahead and pat ourselves on the back for that one.

That previously mentioned coworker and I are trying to get a run together this morning, so I should probabaly be off.

But you can bet anything I’ll be indulging in a nap afterwards.

I DID get up way too early, after all.


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15 Responses

  1. Bar food is the bessssttt. Those quesidillas look yummy.

  2. Candy for breakfast is allowed and encouraged. I made raspberry bars before even putting my contacts in and you know I ate the “leftover” batter.

  3. Sometimes you need indulgences in life! You only have one you know. My favorite is spinach and sausage calzones from the local pizza shop! Yummm.

  4. When I come visit, I expect you to take a day off work and make me these waffles. K, excellent. <3

  5. I had candy for breakfast this morning too. I covered my oat bran with Skor bits and it was delicious. Its ok because its the weekend. I’m not sure what my excuse was yesterday. :)

  6. Your breakfast..oh wow. It looks amazing!! I need to have some candy-ish type of breakfast asap because that looks way more interesting and fun than what I’ve been eating lately.

  7. What kind of pillow did you buy? I’m obsessed with finding the perfect pillow. Tell me!

  8. Love bar food. I did the same thing yesterday!
    Also I saw a girl at the bar last night that I could have sworn was you. I was convinced you’d snuck to VA without me knowing it.

  9. yessss for that breakfast. You’re amazing.

  10. I want to know why you are giggling like a girl about next Friday. Do I have to wait a whole week to find out?

  11. Bar food and pillows…I know what I’m doing tomorrow :-) I’m enjoying your words and photos as I sip on a tall glass of almond milk with a plate of graham crackers. Perfect Saturday night! Love and hugs from Austin.

  12. Hello gorgeous tasty breakfast!!! WOW!!!!

    Genius girl…


  13. I hear ya…it was definitely a rough week! I hope you’re having a great weekend to make up for it! Breakfast looks perfect to start a fun weekend!

  14. [...] Then again, normally, my stomach doesn’t start to revolt. I blame the shenanigans from the night before. [...]

  15. I asked for a pillow from my husband for Christmas and he got me some synthetic down one from Bed Bath & Beyond… it so makes a difference, doesn’t it?! I love mine :)

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