Angry Motivation


I’m feeling a bit more upbeat today. Yesterday was a long day of red box movies and dim lighting. After spending an entire Saturday hopping around Wrigleyville, it seems that is the best medication. Noted.

After a massive breakfast and lunch, it was time for some cleansing. Mostly because my refrigerator was starting to get full of things on the brink of expiration. And I’m really careful about using up food before it goes bad. Feeling wasteful is not my favorite feeling. So often salads become an “anything goes” ordeal.Salad detox. Give it a try on a day you’re feeling “blah”. A couple of these and you’ll be bouncing off the walls… weeeeee!

Well, maybe not THAT extreme, but it does help quite a bit. Almost like magic.


I even recovered enough yesterday to get back into my early workout routine when this morning rolled around. With less than a week to go before my race, it’s time to get serious.

Well sort of. I said I’d be taking it easy, and the plan definitely tapers this week. It worked out well.

Good thing only 3 miles were on the schedule- it took an extra 15 minutes for me to actually get IN the workout room at my apartment complex being as how I didn’t realize the code numbers had changed again. This required me to walk all the way back home to try and find the email about it. Ugh.

But I persevered. And found that silly new code. And came out victorious?

3 miles done at an 8:43 pace. No major pushing. Leg seems like it’s holding up well. Stamina is fine. Whew.

Since we’re less than a week away from the St.  Louis Go! Half Marathon, it’s time to start thinking race prep. I need a new playlist.  And I sorta want to take a page from Angry Runner’s book. And run angry. Pretty sure Britney Spears isn’t going to cut it this time. So if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Seriously. Please tell me!

Enjoy your Monday!

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35 Responses

  1. Sometimes you just need a movie day.

    Glad the leg’s holding up. I hope it stays that way! :)

  2. I do the same thing with salads. It’s a clean out the fridge sort of meal.

    I workout to Eminem when I’m angry.

  3. I spent yesterday watching 3 redbox movies… oh, sunday. So glad your leg is feeling better!! I workout to really ridiculous rap music sometimes. If I can’t understand what they’re saying, the better.

  4. Haha my playlist from sunday was all b spears and glee. I just wanted happy dance music.

  5. I love running to Eminem. He makes some great workout music. Ok, and Katy Perry, but that’s not angry.

  6. I agree with Katy Perry…she has good beats. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  7. Glad the leg is holding up okay. You’re really playing it smart and I love that.

  8. Pink is good too for mood music! I like you will to work out…I would have given up at that point! Have a great day Amy!

  9. This is so unlike me, but I love Shake That by Nate Dogg featuring Eminem. It adds a little pep to my step every time I hear it!

  10. G6! Can’t go wrong! And JLo’s new song….love it!! After my weekend away, I want a fat salad, too!

  11. I love running to Modest Mouse and the Killers and Cake. It’s my “angry” music and always gets me going.

  12. I am the sam way with salads and not throwing things away. I just go this new book at the library – America’s Wasteland about how we waste so much food. But not just at home; from growing in the field to transport to stores to home. Its a wonder there is any food left at all!

  13. Really nothing like a big salad and a few movies to make you feel restored. I don’t run, but I do angrily walk :)

  14. Go glad you’re leg is a-ok!
    Eminem is my favorite angry singer/rapper. He makes me happy in a weird/angry way.

  15. if you want to run angry listen to some serious hard rock. oh and some bad ass rap music with all the swear words…that oughta get you angry enough.

  16. Taper weeks are the best :) My new favorite workout song is ‘More’ by Usher. It’s so motivating!

  17. I kind of love the occasional angry run. It helps me let off steam. an angry spin class is usually the norm though. especially when the girls I take it with are rather catty. grrr!

    music suggestions? Taking back sunday makes me yell. and Hot hot heat is a fun one to bounce around to when i’m angry and need an attitude adjustment =)

  18. yesterday, I caught up on a lot of dvr’d shows, so I was pretty lazy too but it felt great (along with a good morning run!) that is great your leg seems to be doing better!

  19. So glad the legs holding up! I’m no help with the playlist…mine is ancient!

  20. hmmmmmmmmm you want angry? i guess rock music? i like punk rock because it’s angst-y and not really angry. when i think of angry i think death metal or something.

    i don’t know how angry it is but “99 problems” is on my current playlist. i feel bad ass when it comes on.

  21. Oh, I can help you! Which I am sure you guessed. ;) I have to through my selections but off the top of my head:

    A favorite:


  22. Damn, the youtube links have gotten my comment in moderation. They’re worth it!

  23. I’m all about using whatever I have on hand and salads are usually the best way to go! Plus nothing feels better after feeling so blah.

  24. Steve says: “This is War” by 30seconds to mars

  25. Glad your leg is better! Ad yes goose island rooftops are was skybox on sheffield

  26. Movie days are such a nice treat every now and then. And I hear you on the detox salads. I always feel much better after a solid dose of veggies :).

    - Beth @

  27. I used to spin to Marilyn Manson. If that isn’t angry, I don’t know what is. :)

  28. Angry runners are soo much fun to watch in races, hehe!

  29. I like to run to bob Sinclair world hold on!

  30. Hahaha angry motivation is the best! Sometimes it sucks because well you’re mad, but usually it makes me push so much harder because I want to kick someone’s ass.

  31. I love to run when I’m angry. ALMOST makes me wish I were angry more often. But not really. I say any Nine Inch Nails or Tool song is great for ANGER!

  32. I love clean the fridge type salads! yours looks incredible! Yum!

  33. I’m currently waiting on a playlist from my friend Adam who only runs to songs that make him want to “jack someone in the face.” I will be sure to share it with you when it arrives

  34. glad the leg is feelin’ good! And totally agree with the AR philosophy of running angry sometimes. How about some Jay-Z? 99 problems?

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