Baked Breakfast

Because I can find an excuse to bake at any time of day.

The other day I mentioned how I’m trying out bringing breakfast to work in order to combat killer hunger pains by the time lunch comes around. This is going well so far- considering my preference/habit is eating in the same hour of waking.

According to your comments, people fall in one of two extremes- those who must eat immediately or shit hits the fan, and those who can’t even imagine eating until they’re up at least a couple of hours.

And then there’s me. Trying out both extremes. Being the indecisive girl I tend to be. What’s new?

Because I’m looking for things that are easy to transport, oatmeal came to mind (and also showed up in multiple comments- thank you). But for the office- I refuse to do regular oatmeal. The crazy, massive industrial microwave we have in the break room guarantees that would be a failure for at least 2 or 3 weeks.

And we don’t have the patience to deal with that whole situation.

Intimidation of household appliances is a very real thing.

But what about premade oatmeal that just needs to be heated up a little?  Like Bobbi’s baked oatmeal?

We have a winner. All the prep work happened the night before (I should also add it all happened in one dish leaving a minimal mess- double win!). I only altered it a little bit by cutting the amount of brown sugar used.  Brown sugar isn’t usually part of my regular oatmeal, so I took the measurement down from 3/4 to a little less than 1/2 cup.

When I told Bobbi about trying the recipe, she asked if I had thought of altering the recipe by adding chocolate chips or something like that. 

I’m really off my game when that didn’t even occur to me. Really off…

It’s ok, though- the recipe is pretty perfect the way it is.After you mix in everything (pictured above), it’s supposed to sit overnight. Ok- I can do that.

Before my shower the next morning, I threw the dish in the oven for 40ish minutes.

Your entire apartment will smell like an oatmeal cookie as it bakes. 

You may say, “but Amy- doesn’t that take a lot of time in the AM when you don’t have any?”

My reason for eating breakfast at the office isn’t so much a matter of time, it’s a matter of when I’m really hungry. And no- it isn’t time consuming at all. It’s one morning where you have to take it in and out of the oven and you’re good to go for the rest of the week.  Easy.The recipe serves 6. More like five if you’re this chick.

I poured about a tablespoon of milk into the container to keep it moist (oh geez, I really really dislike that word- ew) while reheating it a little. Bobbi suggested several toppings in her original post, but I just when with a little almond butter. Even my friend Cecil was intrigued by my breakfast yesterday morning.  I bet he can sense the fiber from a mile away. Trust me- it’s in there.

Not sure if it’s a breakfast I’d do on a regular basis. It’s much more decadent than, say, my peanut butter toast, but it’s a fun switch. Or I’m sure there are a million ways to “healthify” it if you have the energy to do so. 

But I do know it would be a killer dish to bring to a brunch. Seriously. People will love you.

Maybe this breakfast at work thing isn’t as hard as I thought it would be?

Now… enough about breakfast.  Tell me some everyday words you just really can’t stand.  I pick “moist”. Or “Taylor Swift”.  Yeah, I went there. 

Your turn.

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51 Responses

  1. Looks really good! I love seeing that you had company while eating breakfast.

  2. mmm awesome breakfast! hahaha your friend is there too! and i spy a blackberry! :)

  3. Oh, gosh…I would KILL for a breakfast like that. It makes my greek yogurt, banana and PB seem pretty…pathetic?? I am impressed – you make it look easy!

    Words I hate: moist, panties (!!), and the word for a female body part that also means a kitty cat.

  4. That sounds so good! I’ve been wanting to try baked oatmeal for awhile. I’m just too lazy.

  5. Ewww I hate that word too. That looks great, but I love gooey soppy oatmeal!

  6. Wow that looks awesome Amy! I love that you throw everything together the night before and then just pop it in the oven while you’re getting ready. That is the only kind of baking I could possibly do in the morning. :)

  7. Breakfast looks really good. I wonder if you could bake it without the sugar to make it more like your regular oats and then top it with your toppings. I don’t mind the word moist, but wet is gross.

  8. “Panties.” I cringe inside when I hear the word “panties.”

  9. Ugh moist, and panties, grossss it pained me just to type that. Hate, hate.

  10. So glad you made this and enjoyed it! Now I’m wondering how I never thought of the almond butter idea! Next time. :)

  11. At first I thought the coconut (?) was onions and I was going to say “you crazy girl” but overall, yum, I’d eat it!

    Words I don’t like “undies”

  12. YUMMMM! I love baked oatmeal! And I take breakfast to work, too. It just works for me. Breafkast too early and I’m GROWLING by 10am. 8-9am is my comfort zone with a 6am wake-up. Coffee, however, has to be within 20 minutes. OR ELSE………………….

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  14. You know how I feel about casseroles of any kind- leftovers are my friend. Looks awesome. And I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with Cecil.

  15. Woah, that looks really food! I’m not normally a casserole person, but I love me some fiber-y goodness ;)

    However, I’m totally a “I have to eat breakfast when I’m awake” kind of person

  16. hahaha, so many people I know hate the word “moist”! I’m ok with it in certain context, but also cringe at the word “panty.”

    I’m so glad to see Cecil again – great that he was intrigued by the breakfast!

  17. I love that you dislike Taylor Swift. We’re in the minority. I also can’t tolerate the words Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Ick.

    The baked oatmeal sounds wonderful. As a work breakfast eater I may have to look into this.

  18. Mmm, this looks awesome.

    I cannot stand moist. except sometimes when Basil comes in from the rain we call him MOIST PET. then it’s funny. :)

    in the blog world, I cannot stand things like foodgasm and food baby. what?? just… ew

  19. Ughhh……Taylor Swift…..I’m with you on that one. And “nipples” – I seriously hate that word. When C was a baby and using bottles I used to call them “N’s” so that I wouldn’t have to say the full name. Grosses me out.

  20. A very cool idea! I thought about bringing oats to go but that seems like so much work first thing in the morning. This would be such a great make ahead. You’ve got me thinking now… :)

    - Beth @

  21. Looks delicious!! I luv Cecil!! A word that really bothers me is “like” when people are speaking to me and every other word is “like” my son who is 12 says it a lot, drives me crazy, he is getting better tho. now that I pointed it out to him, lol.

  22. Cecil’s back!

  23. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. that looks like an apple crisp. i want!

    don’t hate on t.swift ;)

  24. holy cow that sounds good!!! And ever since I heard it repeated a billion times by NPH on How I Met Your Mother, I can’t stand the word moist either haha. Which sucks because it’s quite descriptive.

  25. Haha almost every one of your posts has to do with something going on in my life that day. I’m watching a few old episodes of HIIMY and Lily hates that word too! I personally hate it when people say “Appreciate” like it’s spelled “Appriiisheate.” Sorry for any of you that say it like it, but I’m picky about pronunciations!

  26. Panties. Least favorite word in the english language.

  27. Ew, I hate the word moist too! I also can’t stand the word ‘hymen’- too much info? It seriously makes me feel sick!!

  28. baked oatmeal? flipping AMAZING! love the idea of it!

    moist is one of those words that makes my skin crawl

  29. OMG! I need to try this! Love it!

  30. That looks delicious!!
    LOL @ “Taylor Swift”
    I hate the m word too. Bleh..

  31. Uh yum, I love all things baked!! I once made an oatmeal bake with apples and raisins and it was amazing chewy and moist, obviously because I love anything with raisins:)

  32. That looks so good!! I’m one of those in between people too if it makes you feel any better. I tried to bring oatmeal to work the other day and it was a complete fail. This looks much better!!

  33. I saw the coconut flakes on the baking dish…yum!

    I have a baked oatmeal recipe but I usually like breakfast to be not too sweet or the rest of the day I crave sweets.

    Are you running the RnR race in August?

  34. i hate hate hate the word moist.
    Baked oatmeal sounds sooo good and if it lasts all week thats a plus! I’m not a huge fan of coconut though so I would have to tweak it a little bit.

  35. I’m not a big fan of the word “panties.” Or “vlog.” Even reading that makes me shiver.

  36. [...] I was so busy waxing poetic about baked oatmeal yesterday, I didn’t actually have a chance to tell you about that awesome run on Wednesday. [...]

  37. I cannot stand Taylor Swift. She looks like an lanky, tall evil bunny rabbit. The fact that her and I share a birthday just makes her suck even more.

    I am totally bookmarking that recipe–thanks for sharing! When’s Cecil coming to visit??

  38. I hate the word “roar” (not because of how it sounds but because I have trouble pronouncing my “rs and I can never say it!) Your breakfast bake looks delicious. Thank you for sharing your heart and these eats. I hope you have a blessed Saturday!

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