An Amy Day

The electricity in my apartment went off yesterday.  Again. Thankfully, it came on right as I was getting home from work.

Did I mention I’m magic?

Had the electricity not gone on, I would have been in quite the situation. Because I was having a rest day and had nothing else to do. Other than clean. And that would have been just as impossible. Shucks.

But let’s not dwell- it did go on and I got my relaxed night on the couch. Catching up with “my programs”. That included a glass of Merlot and this:I had to run by the grocery store after work and all day had been craving a turkey wrap in the worst way.

This is a chicken wrap. I was at the deli counter, had him pull out the honey roasted turkey, put it in the slicer and- WAIT! Spotted the honey bbq chicken. I want it instead, if that’s ok.  I’m sorry… did you start slicing?  No… ok- I’ll have the chicken.  No- not along with the turkey, instead of the turkey.  Yes, you can put the turkey back.  I want the chicken.  No, not that one, the one above it… yeah, that’s the one!  Same amount… just the chicken, though.  Thanks…

I’m so awkward at the deli counter.

I’m so awkward at ordering food in general.  Please tell me I’m not the only one???

In the wrap, I included spinach (green is important!), avocado (green is still important!), onion and a little General Tsao sauce. And a nice pair of balls. Of the sweet potato variety, people. It may be Friday, but let’s try not to be too crude this early in the morning… :)

Because I was still in Thursday night mode, I was in bed early.  So lame considering today is my day off!

That’s right. I took today off. No major reason. I just really needed one.  A refresher. An Amy day, if you will. Because let’s face it- the winter doldrums will get to ya if you don’t fight it.

This is my way of fighting it.

Anyway, it’s no surprise I woke up early. This didn’t bug me- I have time for a nap later (and WILL take it).

Up with the sun I was. And off to the gym (I really know how to party).

Because I know what my plans are for tonight, there was an executive decision made to switch my long run to this morning instead of wait until tomorrow.  It’s not like I have a super strict schedule going on…

It was 7:30 when I stepped on the treadmill (told you it was weirdly early) and 8:30 when I stepped off. That left room for a quick warm-up, run and cool-down. My actual run was 6 miles (as according to plan) at an 8:38 pace.

I would like to thank Cage the Elephant, The Killers, and Kanye West for this particular run.  You boys kept me going.  So… thanks!

Even though it’s a day off, there are a few things to take care of. So ummm… time to go be productive for a while.

Guess I have to do something to earn the nap, right?Rock on, ya’ll.  Happy Friday.  :)

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29 Responses

  1. Nice balls.

    and Yes, I’m SUPER DUPER awkward at ordering. My husband will swat at my hand b/c I get anxious and tug on my right ear or twirl my hair super obnoxiously. oh man… hot mess

    Happy Flipping Friday! <3

  2. ugh i hate ordering anything. either i make a fool out of myself by displaying my inability to string together coherent words or the person taking my order makes me feel like an ass.

    happy friday.

  3. Yay for taking a day off. We all need to take a day off just for ourselves sometimes. And when I do I still go to bed the night before as well. I love sleep. You know I love the Killers and dig Kanye so I must check out this elephant group…what’s their sound like?

  4. I’m so awkward when ordering food or having a simple conversation with someone I don’t know. It’s like my brain shuts off or something.

  5. Yeah I get awkward at the Deli counter also. Happy Amy day, everyone deserves a mental health day every once in awhile.

  6. I want for those pink pumas.

  7. Haha wait you are hilarious. I am always the awkward one at the deli counter, I am very specific when it comes to ordering sammies:)

  8. It took me 4 tries to order my coffee yesterday. Somehow it just wasn’t flowin’ off my tongue.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I avoid the deli counter because Im SO uncomfortable ordering anything. How much do I want? I dont know. Ummm . . . the regular amount? Enough for a sandwich? Just give me the meat (thats what she said) and dont make me answer any questions.

  10. Hahaha I love that exchange between you and the deli man. I get weird too, especially if I’m really hungry and can’t get out what i want. ha.

  11. I think I’ve had that exact conversation at the deli counter. My extreme awkwardness is probably the reason why I rarely visit the deli counter. I have issues.

  12. i really think we’re long long sisters or something. because i am WAY awkward ordering food too. it’s gotten to the point where i try and plan out the conversation beforehand so i don’t get all overboard awkward

  13. Haha, I’m so awkward ordering food. And polite to an annoying fault. I want my food handled tenderly and sans spit.

    Enjoy your day off! I’m doing a six-mile run today too.

  14. Taking a random day off here or there is so refreshing, even if you don’t accomplish everything you want to.

  15. I’m awkward too! I’m glad your power came back on – we both had quite the predicament yesterday didn’t we?

  16. I’m really awkward at ordering food… probably because I’m awkward in general :)

  17. I hate ordering too. Thus the reason that I almost always pack my lunch. I like to know what I want before I go out to dinner to relieve some of my ordering anxiety. I hope you have a positive night, my dear!

  18. I am so jealous of your Amy Day!! I want a Holly Day (or a holiday, hahaha lame joke, I know).

    I am always awkward when I order food because I always do the, “Is that okay? Are you sure? Really? Okay, thank you so much! Thanks!” I think I have a fear of servers/people spitting in my food after people pestering them, so I always kiss ass….like, a LOT.

  19. I definitely have my awkward moments!! you aren’t the only one. I am just very indecisive, so it takes me FOREVER to figure out what I want…

  20. Have a great weekend!

  21. I’m terribly indecisive when it comes to ordering. And when the person is goodlooking, I’m a stuttering mess!

  22. congrats to you for taking an Amy day – that’s so smart! I wish I could do that without jerks at work expecting me to “work from home”.

    I am an indecisive orderer – I’m sure people behind the counter and waiters hate me

  23. Great sounding Amy day! :D

    And that photo is quite possibly the best photo. Ever.

  24. Yay for you taking a day off!! I hope you had a great day!

    I love the deli counter! One of my favorite parts of the grocery store!

  25. Sometimes you just need a day off! A recharge day :) Sounds like a good one! Have fun tonight girl!

  26. Happy Friday!
    And gah I always feel awkward at the meat counter too.. I thought I was the only one!

  27. Ha I am the same way when ordering food!

    I choose something and then as soon as the waitress comes over I change my mind… that honey bbq chicken looks so yummy, though :)

  28. [...] extended weekend sadly came to an end. It was fun while it lasted.  Mostly because I had way more down time than [...]

  29. [...] stats? 4 miles at 8:37. Not much slower than my 6-mile run on Friday, so that’s sort of a bum, but I’m just going to chalk it up to mornings being speedier [...]

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