A Friday of Social

Last night, a few of us girls congregated.

We didn’t go out because we were all in the same boat.  Two had to work today and two were just tired. And now, partially due to my dentist appointment and partially due to the fact that I’m just another struggling 20-something, I’m on a super budget (like I wasn’t already on one?).

 But it had still been so long since all of us had been in the same room together, so I proposed a movie night. 

Sure, I have a lot of Friday nights in with a movie, but when you’ve got 3 or more people, it’s like a party.  Sort of.  Right?  I’m calling it socializing- just to save some face.  :p

Because I technically called it a “party”, I needed something to bring to the table (literally). Time to break out the povitica!Povi-huh?

Povitica.  Does anyone have a clue what I’m talking about?  No?  Let me give you some background.

Povitica is a type of Croatian dessert bread.  Often seen around the holidays and special occasions. When made, they roll out the dough super super super thin, top it with all things evil (in this case, English walnuts and lots of butter), and then roll and bake it.

No, I am not Croatian.  But my uncle is.  And he is the one to blame for my rabid obsession with it.  Yes, rabid.  It’s that good.When I was young and before my aunt died, she and my uncle used to bring this bread out every Christmas.  I have no idea how my uncle found this lady in Kansas City, but every year, this old Croatian lady would make a certain number of loaves of povitica for people who wanted to buy it.  Which is quite a task because I heard it’s a very long and intensive project.  Anyways, it started with him bringing one out every year, but then I’d get a hold of it and it became quite clear he should start bringing two.

The Croatian woman died, and now her daughter carries out the tradition, but makes much less.  And my uncle doesn’t come out for the holidays anymore, but he always makes sure that a loaf of this povitica makes it’s way into my hands for Christmas.You can buy it in the stores, but I’ve had it and um… that is not the real deal.

I’ve also considered putting a Saturday aside to make it myself, but when I started looking up recipes and the calorie count (holy geez), I decided that maybe there’s a reason people only eat it on special occasions. 

Because us girls rarely are able to get together, I considered this special.And of course there were wheat thins. Because what else would you serve with homemade wonderfulness?  Sun-dried tomato- in case people wanted more salty instead of sweet.

We broke out the Trader Joe wine and watched our “feature” of the night – The Social Network.

And by the way, I loved that movie. Not only for the overall quality, but because I was getting serious deja vu from early in my college years.  I remembered so much of what they were talking about and it’s so crazy it’s been that long ago already! 

After the movie and a little more socializing, I was spent.

Still woke up at about 5:30- but smashed that idea and went back to bed for a couple more hours until I decided it was an acceptable time to get up.

Because of my pancake fail last weekend, I was determined to do better and made another batch of Jaime’s German pancakes!A little more “done” than usual.  My bad.  But put a little powdered sugar and syrup on it and no one will notice…Alright kiddos, that’s enough talk for today.  I’ve let the breakfast digest a little and am off!

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43 Responses

  1. The stories you share of you and your girlfriends make me sad that my BFF doesn’t live near me! I’m so jealous. :) Have a great weekend – that pancake looks ridiculous!

  2. Looks like fun! I much prefer mellow nights in with girlfriends than wild trips to the bar!

  3. I would far rather have a movie night with the girls than go out. I’m just not cool enough to hit the bars anymore.

    That bread sounds amazing! I wish I had someone to make stuff like that.

  4. I seriously need to try that bread. We love anything that involves bread so I’m sure it would be a hit in our household!
    Have a great Saturday!

  5. Your breakfast looks amazing! Powdered sugar fixes all mistakes :)

  6. That brea looks amazing – I’m hoping it’s been in the freezer since Christmas?

  7. ok first of all trader joes wine (the 4 dollar stuff) is acutally really good!!! What did you think of the social network?? I saw it in the theaters I thought it was great, not AMAZING but good flick!

  8. Sounds like a perfect night in with friends! And that bread some amazing!! Have a great day!

  9. I love the red paper. holidays: I miss you

  10. oooh that pancake looks awesome! Not to mention the bread. Movie nights with girlfriends are the best, and I also love them because of their budget-friendly-ness. Haven’t seen the Social Network but maybe tonight is the night!

  11. That bread sounds insanely good! Sweet uncle that makes sure you get your share every year. I can’t wait to see that movie! We have been doing family movie nights, so I am waiting for the kids to go back to school before we watch it. Have a great Saturday!

  12. nothing wrong with a night in. for me though, it’s allllways “oh im staying in this weekend” but really thats every weekend. i call it a rut – i need to get out!

  13. 3 people is totally a party. Even more so if there is wine involved.

  14. That movie is on my list of things to watch when I have a minute. I still remember first signing up for facebook. That bread/dessert thing sounds insane.

  15. Glad you had a great night out with the girls!! and povitica…I think I’ve had that before? Not sure where or why unless perhaps my family was friends with a Croatian family, but it looks and sounds familiar.

  16. That bread sounds amazing! Now I wonder where I can get my hands on some…

  17. I saw the Social Network in theaters and thought it was pretty fabulous. Kind of jealous that he became a billionaire off of something like Facebook though.

  18. Movies with girlfriends…and amazing german pancakes (they look great to me!)…what a great way to start a weekend. I enjoyed the Social Network too, and I actually am going to watch it with my parents tonight. We will see what they think. Thank you for sharing these treats with me! Have a great Sunday with your family and friends.

  19. I love a night in with the girls! But I’ve been craving a good night out with them too… either way! Good times :)

  20. Oh YES! Is that from Strawberry Hill Bakery?

  21. I wish I knew enough girls in NC to have a girls night in! Hope you ladies had a blast =) With yummy food and good company its hard not to! <3


  22. I wish my BFF didn’t live in Maine :( I hate being so far from her, I want girls night!!

    That bread looks amazing, what an awesome family tradition to have. Glad you still get some even though your aunt passed!

  23. If it’s a pancake, it’s good. Nuff said:)

  24. I felt the same way about that movie. I didn’t love the plot, but I could remember every single thing and it took me back.

    That sounds like a great night by the way. I was out waaaay past my bedtime last night and I definitely paying for it.

  25. oh my gosh. i want! but it does look like labor intensive delicousness.

  26. These look AMAZING!
    German Pancakes?!
    I droooool ;)

  27. I just saw Social Network on the plane…. I’m still not sure what I think of it. If I hadn’t been so addicted since 2004, I probably would delete my profile in protest.

    …then again, I’m way too addicted to even think about that :)

  28. I”ve never heard of povitica but it sounds awesome! Those German pancakes look scrumptious :)

  29. Seriously! You make me miss my girlfriends, too! My BFF is in San Diego…it doesn’t get much further away than that !!

  30. I’m Croatian but never heard of that bread (my family isn’t the most traditional) but it sounds bomb. When you said I’m not Croatian but my uncle is I was like huh? Then ahhhhh married in uncle. At first it kinda reminded me of the shirt I’m not a lesbian but my girlfriend is.

  31. Thanks for sharing the details on povitica, I have never heard of it… but now if I’m ever in Croatia, I’ll know what to look for :)

  32. That pancake reminds me of a funnel cake!! Yum :)

  33. Amy,
    I just stumbled upon your blog……love it and love the Povitica story. Your uncle was trying to keep the culture alive and three cheers for him. While I think you should try making Povitica someday, until then, try my Povitica, Potica. It is our family generational recipe and we, like your uncle, want to make the tradition doesn’t fade away or die. Contact me for a sample.

  34. [...] my opinion, pecan pie is one of the top three foods of the holiday. Right up there with povatica and [...]

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