Big Plans

Hello everyone! 

So no one actually likes pants.  Hmmm.  We should start a movement.  Yes?

Anyhoo, I feel like it’s been too long!

Not just because I didn’t post yesterday, but because I’m still trying to catch up with how everyone else’s holidays went… :)

Anyways, the story left off in St. Louis.  I spent the night at my friend Mary’s house, not only to break up my trip back home, but to spend some time with two of my best friends over the holidays.Another wine night. We had originally talked up a big night out.  Drinks flowing… dancing… cute shoes…

We went out to pick out a bottle and get a red box movie.  After agonizing for 10 minutes over a selection, we ended up deciding on watching Entourage reruns instead.  We’re wild like that.

And reruns of Entourage turned into an episode of South Park that was about the shake weight and people’s ridiculous obsession with the Food Network.  I think I laughed the loudest.

All three of us got up around 9:30 yesterday morning.  Yes- 9:30. After we all said we would probably “naturally” wakeup by 7:30.  The long holiday weekend has clearly taken a toll on everyone.  Anyone else suffering the “holiday hangover”?

Getting up that late only means one thing.

Time for BRUNCH!We hit a local joint just down the road from Mary.  Last time us girls were together, we all ordered the same thing (it’s ok to roll your eyes here- we were just as embarrassed about it as you’d think).  This time wasn’t any different. Omelets for everyone! Like the “Bacado” pictured above.  Mine was stuffed with avocado and bacon and I couldn’t have been happier.   

We’ll discuss how this triggered my avocado obsession (again) at a different time.

We sat there and chatted over free refills of coffee for way too long.  Not too long because I needed to go (which is probably true), but because we were rivaling all the old people with time spent there and the waitress was getting annoyed.  Oops.

Do you ever overestimate how productive you’ll be during the day?  I do- all the time.  Original thoughts were to leave St. Louis by noon or so, get a good run in (I’ve been dying to- that’s not a joke), grocery shop, unpack, etc etc.


I didn’t leave until close to 1:00.  Hit some traffic.  Lost any energy to workout.  And the ONLY reason grocery shopping happened was because it happened before I got home- I knew I wouldn’t drive back out to do it otherwise. And a girl needs to eat. 

And if you think any of my stuff is unpacked, you’re just crazy.  Who was I kidding?  I usually live out of my bag until it’s all been used or it has to be repacked.  True story.

However, it should be noted how thankful I am for fantastic driving conditions to and from Missouri.  That never happens.

And I would also like to note my favorite road trip tune came from a station somewhere in central Illinois.  Chumbawamba?  YES PLEASE!

Because I got to bed early, getting up to work out this morning wasn’t that big of a deal.  I figured this work week should be started with a BANG. Tuesday won’t take me down that easily.

I did my new Jillian Michaels “No More Trouble Zones” dvd.  It left me a little sore the first time I did it, so I’m assuming it’ll let me know once again where all my underworked muscles are. 

On that note, I did “feel it” from the P90X “Ab Ripper” cd.  Just not as badly as expected.  Maybe it was because people were building it up to such a horrible thing. Maybe because it should be combined with other circuits (really have no clue how that system works).  But I had planned to crawl out of bed. And was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t have to. Awesome.

Let’s pretend Tuesday doesn’t suck and focus our attention on how it’s yet another holiday (aka “short”) work week!

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38 Responses

  1. I always overestimate how productive I’ll be when I have time off. Or I think I have “sooooo much to dooooo” when really when I make a list, it’s not so bad. :)

  2. you just reminded me that i have a ripe avocado on my counter. need to eat. this is going to trigger an avo binge for me too. oh well.

  3. oh and i hate pants. love leggings.

  4. I felt the same way about the Insanity workouts. They were intense, but I never hurt from them. I think if you are in shape, it is just another workout (but a good one). Have a great day Amy!

  5. i just keep repeating to myself ’3 day work week, 3 day work week’. thank goodness!

  6. your posts ALWAYS put a smile on my face! i have not been to the gym in soooo long…….i need to get this fat A$$ back in gear! happy new year!!! xo

  7. I’ve slept til 9 every morning. Definite holiday hangover going on over here.

  8. I certainly overestimated my productivity for today. Last night I was in this mood to do all these things and put them on my to do list for today. And here I sit…

  9. That happens to me all. the. time. Where do those hours go? I’ll never know.

    Your brunch looks dee-licious. I need to eat breakfast stat.

  10. How fun! I love spending a night in and over with my best friends! Wish I saw them more often. Wine and Entourage reruns actaully sounds quite perfect.
    Glad you made it back safelt!! Here’s to a short work week!

  11. I love short weeks! Getting to the grocery store after a long trip is pretty productive in my opinion!

  12. NMTZ is no joke. I could barely walk for 2 days after I did it lol. I loooove it though!

  13. Girl, you totally crack me up! Love reading your posts. My husband was just telling me about that South Park episode…sounds like I’m gonna have to check it out! ;)

  14. I’ll make you feel better: I’m on vacation so I’m sleeping till 10. Yes, I feel completely unproductive. But it’s wonderful.

  15. I definitely live out of my suitcase for a while after a trip, even if it’s pretty short.

  16. yay for a short week! I think worked exactly one full week since thanksgiving. the new year is going to be a bitch i tell you.

    hahah to still living out of your suitcase. it’s the first thing that gets unpacked. but then again i’m neurotic and can’t really function when things aren’t put away…

  17. You gals look wonderful! :) Those are the best nights in…and the best mornings :) Waitresses need to be more patient, or try it themselves!! That omlet looks amazing, P.S.

    I live out of my suitcase until it needs to be re-packed too. Or until its empty, and that just never happens.

  18. haha – i feel you on the unpacking. i currently have a VERY messy room and am not sure it’s going to get cleaner anytime soon since i leave again for chicago on thurs :).

    - Beth @

  19. I have a crazy addiction to the Food Network… haha and the Travel channel. No shake weights yet so I guess I am 50% sane.

    I do the suitcase or put everything on the couch in my room thing when I do not want to put my clothes away.

  20. This Tuesday is sucking mayjah for me. :( I’m glad you got to hang w/ your besties!! And that you didn’t have to crawl.

  21. This time of year my friends and I don’t even pretend to make plans to go out. We basically just pick a house and a movie and cuddle on the couch with blankets. No shame…we party pretty hard in the spring-summer-fall!

  22. I sat at Starbucks with friends for far too long yesterday before my 5 hour drive. I also WAY underestimated what I needed to get done, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed, which leads to me getting NOTHING done. Oops.

  23. I love seeing you with your friends. All of you girls are so beautiful…it makes me wish I lived closer to some of my girlfriends. Thank you for sharing your day with me. Here’s to a great week with lots of good eats and laughter!

  24. haha i’m ALWAYS overestimating my productivity. I’d say like 99% of the time! whoops!

    and ohmygosh that omelette looks fantastic! Hooray brunch!


  25. How?! How did you survive the P90X ab ripper? Obviously, my ab strength is extremely sad. I was crushed from that DVD. I did two DVDs in one day – the other was some cardio DVD. Anyway – it killed my abs for days. I am maintaining that you already have killer abs to make it through that DVD unscathed.

  26. Lol – my suitcase still isn’t unpacked from Vegas!! I guess I was hoping if I held out long enough my husband would do it…….maybe if I join the “no pants movement” he would? :)

  27. I always overestimate how productive I am. At least I know I do overestimate though right??

    I love free refills on coffee!

  28. No pants movement…yes please! And it was sooo hard to get out of bed Monday, I hit snooze about 5 times.

  29. I HATE pants. Leggings, yes. Skirts/dresses, yes. Pants? NO WAY. But, I mean, i wear them because I’m expected to and all.

    I’m glad you had a great Christmas with your friends and fam!

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